Over Rs 91 crs for 5 demands passed
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 18: A total of Rs 92,57,05,000 for five demands were passed in the evening session of the Assembly today.

Simultaneously the Assembly instituted a House Committee to probe the misappropriation of Rs 60.25 lakhs of under DRDA fund for Bishnupur district.

The Committee is to submit its report within two months time.

The demands granted for the five Departments are.

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary-Rs 22,17,18,000, Environment and Forest-Rs 22,00,72,000, Community Development and AMP, IRDP and NREP-Rs 40,44, 12,000, Panchayati Raj-Rs 4,97,75,000, Welfare of Minorities and OBC-Rs 1,97,28,000.When the demand for grants of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary including Dairy Farming came up for discussion in the House, Opposition MLA O Joy said that the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department is today steeped in corruption and the benefits from this Department has failed to percolate down to the public.

Tearing the Department apart, O Joy said that the much vaunted Operation Flood, which promised abundant milk supply has been reduced to a farce and questioned what has happened to the project.

The Cattle Breeding Farm at Tullibari has 26 employees for looking just after 25 cattle heads and over above this the farm produces only 10 litres of milk in a day, said the Opposition MLA.

Referring to a news report in The Sangai Express in connection with the Regional Pony Farm at Tingkai Khunou, O Joy said the fact that of the 76 ponies only 16 are surviving at the farm is ample testimony of the functioning of the Dept.

Joy further said that the Dept had issued an amount of Rs 16 lakhs to a supplier for procuring a Criocane machine though the machine was never delivered.

Further a sum of Rs 7 lakhs pumped in by the Centre for the Poultry Farm has been misappropriated, charged O Joy.

When the demand for grants for Panchayati Raj came up for discussion, O Joy said that 15 persons have been appointed in the Dept in total violation to the ban on fresh recruitment.

Dr Nimaichand Luwang asked the Govt to advertise the Central Sponsored Schemes under the Minority and Backward Classes Dept.

Moving a cut motion during the discussion, Sekmai AC MLA N Biren said that the Forest Dept has not taken up any scheme to produce tree saplings.