Lim in Cong manifesto
MPP president exposes AICC's 'double speak'
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 15: Calling the bluff of the AICC over the inclusion of the Nagalim clause in the election manifesto of the Nagaland Congress Committee, MPP president Dr L Chandramani today claimed that it was done with the blessings of the AICC and added that the threat perception over the territorial integrity of Manipur has increased.

Speaking at a political convention organised by the Sugnu kendra of the MPP at the ground of Kakching Khunou Makha Leikai High School, Dr Chandramani said that he received a copy of the manifesto yesterday and it was confirmed that the manifesto was published by the AICC and not by the NPCC as was presumed earlier.

Informing the gathering of the 16 Point Agreement, Dr Chandramani said that when a delegation of the Nagas submitted a memorandum to the Centre in 1963 demanding the integration of all Naga inhabited under one administrative unit if Nagaland State is to be formed, the then Union Government had turned it down.

The integration demand was mentioned in clause 13 of the 16 Point Agreement, he added.

The integration demand was again raised in 2001 but after it was turned down, no one talked about in the Nagaland Assembly election held in 2003, said Chandramani.

Coming straight to the point, the MPP president that the insertion of the Lim demand in the election manifesto means that the Congress wants to grab power in the election scheduled to be held on March 3 at Nagaland by even going to the extent of compromising with the territorial integrity of the States of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Chandramani said that an all political party meeting is necessary now to 'demand' that clause 13 of the 16 Point Agreement should be dropped.

Earlier during the all political party meeting on the issue, it was decided to 'request' the AICC to drop the same.

Going on the offensive against the Congress, the veteran political leader said that the AICC is intent on only ensuring that India should not break up while the fate of States like Manipur can be compromised.

This is the difference between the National political parties and regional parties, he pointed out.

As a regional party, Manipur is the first priority for the MPP, said Chandramani and asserted that India comes after Manipur.

Pointing an accusing finger at the Congress led SPF Government, Chandramani questioned what it has done during its stint in power for six years and added since Sugnu AC has not received its dues, its people have started losing faith in the principles of democracy.

Member of the Working Committee of the MPP, Prof N Mohendro said that they are not against the Look East policy per se but the very fact that there is nothing to safeguard the interest of Manipur in the policy is disconcerting.

The very fact that the Kabaw valley was gifted to Myanmar in 1953 shows that India is not interested in the welfare of Manipur and was only concerned with pleasing Myanmar and China, contended Prof Mohendro.

This is precisely why apprehensions need to be raised over the Look East policy.

Asserting that the MPP is fully geared to meet any challenges, Prof Mohendro claimed that everything is set for a personality who can sacrifice everything for Manipur to be the Chief Minister after the 10th Assembly election.

MPP MLA RK Anand and former Union Minister Th Chaoba also addressed the gathering.

Five resolutions were adopted after the convention.

The main points included, looking into the needs of Sugnu AC by the MPP, to meet any threat to the territorial integrity of Manipur with vigour, to look for solutions to the armed conflict in Manipur, to launch campaigns to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act from Manipur and to improve the PDS.