Demands, Bills passed amid Opposition walk out
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, March 14: Supplementary demands for grants of 39 departments and the vote on accounts were passed today in the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

The Manipur Appropriation No 1 and No 2 bills were also introduced by the Chief Minister.

Extension for presentation of committee reports on Manipur Entry Tax Bill, Sanamahi religion in census, Manipur Lok Ayukta and Up Lok Ayukta Bill, DRDA fund mismanagement were also given.

The Assembly sessi6n ended today before lunch hour as the Opposition members staged a walk out protesting the decision of the Speaker TN Haokip not to entertain cut motion.

The Speaker informed the House after question hour that the cut motions cannot be taken up as the rules were not followed properly.

He said the motion should mention specific matter not general issues.

O Joy said the Assembly Secretariat is also not following the rules by not following Rule no 45 which says answers to starred questions should be given one day ahead.

It is the duty of the Assembly Secretariat to assist the members in carrying out the works as, a member of the House Joy said and no official of the Assembly is assisting the members he said.

There is no point for existence of the Opposition if cut motions during discussion for supplementary demands are rot allowed Joy said.

Dr Nimaichand Luwang said the democratic process is not allowed to function properly.

His statements were later expunged by the Speaker.

All the demands were passed without any discussion by the members.

The Speaker said he will be giving ample time to the members to speak.

During question hour today the YAS minister informed the House replying to a question raised by I Hemochandra that the Khuman Lampak sports complex is well maintained and Rs 255 lakhs has been earmarked for maintenance for maintenance of these facilities.

I Hemochandra said the complex is not well protected and looked after.

S Chandra was informed that the coaches for the 32nd national games were not awarded due to financial constraints.

O Joy was informed by the Chief Minister that the foundation stone for construction of a police station of Sagolmang was laid in October 92 but after the first phase of construction in 92-93 the building is used by the 12 Assam Rifles for its post with temporary extension.

The GAD minister informed that plot was purchased for construction of Guwahati Manipur Bhawan at a cost of Rs 1.21 Crores.

Construction at the 40021.25 sq ft will be started when there is enough funds in the plan budget the minister said.

The CM said a total of 1919 posts were abolished under downsizing scheme and a total of Rs 1657.20 lakhs are saved annually due to the downsizing.