Lungnila Elizabeth given a tearful adieu to her last journey
May my daughter's ascent to heavenly abode show us all the seraphic light to peace and forgiveness: Francis Ngajokpa

Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, November 13: A solemnly attired coffin with a traditional hand woven clothe that comforted the mortal remains of Lungnila Elizabeth was the axis of an invincible force of oneness.

But it was about to set off for the last destined journey as thousands followed.

As the lifeless body of the eight-year-old girl lay showered by flowers and wreaths at her father's official residence at Lamphelpat thousands poured in to pay their respect and condolence to the bereaved family as the echo of the requiem reverberated with profound grief.

People lined up to follow the last march where Lungnila Elizabeth was to be kept at the Chingmeirong Don Bosco School for sometime before she was finally given a royal sepulture at the Chjngmeirong cemetery.

School children and people from all walks of life thronged the Don Bosco School compound to offer their last respect to the departed child's mortal remains.

It was a defining and a touching moment when Lungnila Elizabeth's classmate Olivia who shared the school bench read out a letter for the departed friend which said, "I will not see again the smiling face of my friend, Elizabeth any more.

God will see all the suffering after the death of my friend".

Lungnila Elizabeth's sister Teresa too in her own language bid her sister the final farewell.

State dignitaries, members of social organizations and clubs and students' bodies placed wreathes and prayed as Lungnila Elizabeth's parents, brother and sister sat next to the coffin.

As the crows swelled, Lungnila Elizabeth's father Francis Ngajokpa gave a heart rendering speech requesting all to remain calm and restrain from resorting to way to vent their anger for the acts committed to the child.

Francis mourned the death of his daughter by saying, "this little sacrifice of my little daughter be the last one in the state, let's all pray for a unity, let the prince of peace prevail in Manipur.

No matter we belong to different communities we're all human beings".

He said he had already forgiven those who abruptly brought an end to his little daughter's life.

He said his Angel daughter has given him the courage to forgive and embrace anyone who could have taken her away from all.

"God gave her to us and He has taken her to His Heavenly abode," Francis said holding his tears.

He expressed his sincere gratitude to the people of the state who have stood behind him and loved his daughter as their own during the past few days of crisis.

He again appealed to all to return to normal life for his daughter's sake as she is now under the love and care of the Almighty.

The administration made a special arrangement by availing bus from different places to ferry school children to pay their last respect to the departed child's mortal remains.

As the last rites were being performed at the Don Bosco School, the people of the state in their own areas paid floral tributes to the portrait of the departed Lungnila Elizabeth.

Defying the curfew imposed by the administration, thousands came to have a last glimpse of the long and last march to the rest the little child who met the face of tragic fate.

The mortal remains of Lungnila Elizabeth was finally taken to the cemetery where was laid to rest for an eternal peace.