Senapati meetings held without NSCN Members; harsh action may aggravate situation: CM
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 11: The Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi has brushed aside widespread criticisms over the government's decision to release thirteen NSCN (IM) men calling for objective suggestions to emerge from the crisis.

Addressing media persons at his office this afternoon, he cautioned social organizations in both valley and hill districts not to be prejudiced on communal grounds.

"The organizations must understand that their rash actions could aggravate the situation further.

Hence, they must be extremely careful to practice caution and to look before they leap," Ibobi stated.

Prohibitory actions became necessary, as there was likelihood of deterioration in law and order and threat to public properties in the prevalent atmosphere, according to Ibobi.

As such, public curfew and other restrictions were imposed; he stated making an appeal to the public to bear the inconveniences arising from it.

Expressing his unwillingness to take chances, he announced that his government would not permit any form of public demonstration or even sit-in-protest as it was often observed to be precursors of violent activities in the past.

The government will neither allow request for holding any sort of demonstrations, Ibobi stated denying knowledge on United Committee Manipur, UCM's mass stir tomorrow.

Ibobi vehemently denied rumors in circulation, averring that the government had caved in under strenuous pressure from the Centre prompting the release of kilo kilonser (home minister) of GRPN, AK Lungalang and his companions.

Ibobi reiterated that he took the decision in the interest of the region and his commitment to forward the hard-earned peace process between NSCN (IM) and the Government of India.

"The question of involvement of arm twisting does not arise.

From the very moment their arrests were made, the state government had made its position clear to everyone.

The home minister had also been categorically told that we will not tolerate any unlawful intrusion next time, for which the Centre had to take responsibilities for any untoward incidents," he stated.

The chief minister also termed as unfounded renewed fears and negative assertions on the territorial integrity of the state.

The matter has become a non-issue and there is no wisdom in pursuing it, he inferred.

Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani had passed on full assurances in this regard, first during a telephonic talk prior to the release of the militants and again in reply to a letter submitted yesterday, the chief minister revealed.

Clarifying on the alleged statement of chief interlocutor in the ongoing talk, Padmanabhaih, which mooted the constitution of committee for reorganization of Naga, inhabited areas, the chief minister stated that it was a subject of speculation.

No evidences of the Central government taking the matter seriously has surfaced and unlikely to come up, he asserted.

He added that it was highly implausible to perceive that New Delhi will take the risk of disintegrating a state as an appeasement to the militant's demand.

Collection of illegal taxes along the national highway and extortion by the NSCN (IM) or other organizations could be tackled only after enough security personnel are put in place, he stated confessing the state government's inability to stop open collection by ultras specially NSCN(IM) along NH-39 and NH-59.Determined to advertise his radical posture, the chief minister announced that any excesses from the NSCN (IM) would be firmly dealt with.

"The militant outfit ill advised move to venture into the state without proper authorization could have put the state government in a precarious position.

Had the militants encountered situation leading to exchange of fire and casualties with the state police or rival militant groups an unnecessary problem will have befallen on the state" Ibobi iterated.

The state police should be lauded for their meticulous operation and apprehending the NSCN cadres without inflicting physical damages, Ibobi stated.

Ibobi asserted that the meeting at Katonmai in Senapati district took place without the participation of NSCN cadres.

Instead, about 30 NPO and United Naga Council supporters took part in the meeting which went ahead after receiving permission from the local administration.

The resolutions adopted there were not related with the present crisis, he stated.