Whip cracked against indiscriminate allotment of Govt land
Four oil pumps to face music for selling adulterated petrol, Erabot admits to shortage of lecturers, tankers come under scan

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 08: Chief Minister O Ibobi today informed the House that the Government has stopped allotting Government land to any private entity in Greater Imphal area.

Responding to a call attention motion moved by Opposition member O Joy, that land of Mechanized Farm have been indiscriminately allotted to private parties, the Chief Minister emphasized that allotting land to private parties in Greater Imphal area have been stopped.

The Chief Minister further said that if a situation arises in which the Govt has to allot land then the matter would be studied by a duly constituted committee.

The Agriculture Minister, Forest Minister, Works Minister, Revenue Minister, MAHUD Minister and IFCD Minister will be the constituent members of the committee, added the Chief Minister.

Replying to the observation of Joy that indiscriminate allotment of Government land to private parties is bleeding the State; the Chief Minister admitted that such practice has become the bane of successive Governments.

On the High Court restraining the Govt from canceling the allotment of Agriculture Dept land to private parties, the Chief Minister said, the Government will approach the Supreme Court to wrest back the land given to private parties.

Revenue Minister E Biramani said that the total area of the land given to the Mechanized Farm by the State Government in 1968 was 561.70 acre.

However as the Mechanized Farm failed to discharge its part of the obligations like, paying the premium, procurement of patta and dag chitha etc, some portion of the land was allotted to Govt Depts and private parties under the provisions of the MLR and LR Act.

As of today a total area of 360.508 acres of the Mechanized Farm have been allotted to 15 Government organizations, semi-Government organizations and other private parties, said the Revenue Minister.

The total area now with the Mechanized Farm is only 201.192 acres.

Biramani further said that 26.64 acres and 47 acres were respectively allotted to the Lamphel Area Unemployed Youth Organization and Paradise Youth Development Organization as the Settlement Department issued a no objection certificate on the ground that the two organizations have been occupying the land for the last five years and carrying out agricultural activities.

Biramani also added that land allotted by the Government to private parties can be cancelled under the MLR and LR Act if it comes to the knowledge of the authority that the allotted land has not been used by the private parties for 3 consecutive years.

The Minister further said that the Govt came to learn that of the total area allotted to the Mechanized farm only 100 acres was utilized by the farm.

He even said that the Deputy Director and an EE of the farm had leased the unutilized land to private parties for agricultural activities on the payment of five phoupot per acre.

O Joy who moved the motion said that it is unwarranted that the Govt should give land to private parties just because they have asked for it.

It is also against the law, he added.

Joy also questioned what compulsions were there for the farm land to be allotted to private parties.

Four oil pumps in the soup:
FCS Minister Ph Parijat informed the House that oil samples taken from four oil pumps were found to be highly adulterated and the Government is contemplating initiating stern action against the four oil depots.

The Minister said this in reply to a question raised by DPA legislature wing leader, N Nilachandra.

The four oil pumps are M/S Imo Filling Station, Singjamei Chingamathak, M/S Krishna Premi Oil City, Keishampat, Ibochou Services Centre, Kakwa and Dwijamani Services Centre, Bishnupur.

The adulteration was detected during the PR stint in December last year; the Minister said adding that all process to take up stem action against the four oil depot is in its final stage.

Parijat further said that the petroleum products in the State can be checked under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and added that an Anti-Adulteration Cell has been constituted to check large scale adulteration of petroleum products.

The Minister also assured that despite the many difficulties faced by the Government, no efforts would be spared to make petrol available in plenty to the people.

Lecturer shortage:
Higher Education Minister Y Erabot admitted on the floor of the House today that the State is facing a shortage of college lecturers.

Replying to a question raised by Opposition MLA BD Behring, the Minister said that teachers are transferred from colleges where their services are not needed much to another college where their services may be in greater demand.

For the 28 Government colleges in the State the sanctioned post for lecturer is 1268 while the present strength is 1068, informed the Minister.

As per the guidelines laid down by the UGC the strength of lecturers should be 1768 while MU has worked out the needed number of lecturers at 1918, further said Erabot.

MLA BD Behring who raised the question said that transferring teachers and Government employees from the hills to the valley without replacement is not a healthy practise.

To this the Minister replied that the Govt has no different transfer policies for the hill and valley areas.

There is also no question of transferring anyone without valid reason, he added.

Replying to the main question from the Chandel AC MLA, the Minister said that when the Government took over the Chandel United College, the strength of the teaching staff including the Principal was 71 while the strength of the non teaching staff was 36.At present the teaching staff strength is 47 while the strength of the non teaching staff is 36, informed the Minister.

Exorbitant sum charged by water tanker to be checked:
Sounding a warning against water tankers for over charging, PHED Minister K Govindas said water at the Porompat Water Supply Scheme is sold to water tankers at the rate of Rs 2.50 per litre which makes it Rs 25 per tanker.

However if water tankers start charging their customers to the tune of Rs 300 per tanker then the Government will not remain silent and will take up appropriate steps.

Replying to questions raised by MLA N Bihari, the Minister said that the Government will start keeping a close tab on the Porompat Water Supply Scheme as well as the other water supply schemes taken up by the authority.

To another question raised by N Bihari, Chief Minister O Ibobi said that five acres of land at Khongkham Leikai have been earmarked for the Imphal East Police station.