Adanee wins hearts at Noney, Nungba
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 06 2009: With just nine days to go before the Outer Parliamentary C onstituency goes to the poll, BJP candidiate Loli Adanee took his election campaign to Noney (Longmai) and Nungba today.

Addressing an election meeting at Longmai Keithel, chief justice of Paomei Union PS Veikho said that the MP elected from Outer Constituency earlier is not an honest man.

Adanee addressing a public meeting at Tamenglong dist

Although he was elected for the cause of Naga issue, Veikho asserted that Mani Charenamei's justification that he voted in favour of the UPA Government at the time of taking vote of no-confidence on the assurance of reviewing the UPA's common minimum programme was false.

He further accused Mani Charenamei of trading off Naga issue at Delhi.

A meeting of 76 Paomei leaders was held on April 1 with a kilonser of the NSCN (IM) and 5/6 deputy kilonsers.

The meeting rejected any proposal to support Mani Charenamei in the Lok Sabha elections, claimed Veikho.

Athuan Abonmei, who contested for the Tamei A/C seat during the last Assembly elections, said that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections would differ greatly from the Parliamentary elections held in 2004.He also claimed that all the candidates who contested in the Assembly Constituencies under Tamenglong district including Congress candidates support Loli Adanee for a change.

Moreover, there has been a proposal from these candidates to unify even the offices of different groups instead of voting for the PDA candidate.

UPDP general secretary Romeo Hungyo asked what the MP, who was elected capitalising on the Naga issue, had done for the same issue during his five year tenure.

He called upon the people to eradicate the history of money associating with elections.

Addressing the gathering, Loli Adanee pledged that he would make his best efforts to bring harmonious co-existence among all communities.

Adanee said that he would take up development works in consultation with leaders of the districts in case he is elected.

"It is said that BJP is a party of Hindus but I'm a Christian.

And I'm a BJP candidate as a Christian", he said while calling upon the people to let lotus blooms in the hills too.

Adanee also asked Nagas not to strive to make themselves winners after subjecting other people to harassment.

Rather, he appealed to the Nagas to embrace all communities with love so that all communities co-exist together as one family.

The meeting was also addressed by MSCP president RV Mingthing, ex-Minister Samuel Jendai, ex-Minister DP Panmei and former candidate in Heirok A/C M Tombiraj.