UNLF unmasks Elizabeth's Killers, Spells out gory details
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 06: Demonstrating exemplary investigative skills and determination, the proscribed UNLF has managed to zero in on the identities of all those involved in the kidnapping and later brutal murder of school girl Lungnila Elizabeth, while one of the accused was taken captive by the outfit.

Identifying the accused in their custody as Nameirakpam Rome alias Michael (35) son of N Tomba of Bashikhong, a spokesman of the UNLF while speaking to the media somewhere at Imphal West said that the truth came out eight days after the accused was subjected to intense interrogation.

Rome who was also produced before the media said that the master mind in the kidnapping and killing of Elizabeth is a former member of the KNF identified as James Kuki alias Letsei Haokip alias Singboi of Matiyang village (married to a woman from Songphen village) and staying at Langol area.

James has gone into hiding, said UNLF.

Rome has also confessed that the girl child was sexually molested though he was not to a party to it.

Elaborating Rome said that on November 6 he along with two other accomplices, Inaobi and a Tangkhul went out to drink.

When they came back they found the child on a bed with tattered and blood stained clothes.

There were also bruises on her body, said Rome.

The other main accused in the case are, Nando of Khangabok (presently in jail), Ningombam Inaobi of Khongman Bashi-khong, Ibotombi who had links with the NSCN (K), Udoi of Phumlou, Papao (32) of CCpur Matai village, Alen (27) a resident of Kangpokpi near the Assam Rifles camp and a brother of James' wife, a Tangkhul whose name is presently not known.

However the exact identity of some of the named accused are not known as the names given are all nick names, clarified UNLF.

Rome said that they kidnapped Lungnila at gun point from near her school on November 4.The registration number of the Maruti van (red colour) used in whisking away the child is either MN04-1562 or MN04-1563, said UNLF adding that there is still some confusion over the last digit of the registration number.

The guns used by the killers were a 9 mm pistol and a .38 pistol, said the outfit.

The kidnappers first took Elizabeth to Kangvai village and kept her in a house near a Church for three days, said Rome.

As the health of the little girl deteriorated, she was taken to Sangaiprou where the master mind, James first contacted two of his friends who were staying there at a rented room.

They have been named as Yaima Kabui (32) of Tamei and Kondum Kabui (27).The two then contacted another friend identified as Ibeyaima Kabui and the child was then kept at her residence.

There Lungnila started crying loudly and to stop her from crying Alen injected some sedatives which killed the child, said the accused.

Rome said that when Elizabeth died, her body was dumped inside a sack which was taken from a saw mill located at Tera Sadokpam Leikai.

Then James, Papao, Nando and Alen put the child's body into the sack and left on the same Maruti van which was used to kidnap Elizabeth.

On the manner in which the killers took the ransom money, Rome said that on November 8, James, Papao, Inaobi and Ibotombi took Rs 5 lakhs near the Imphal Polytechnic institute at Takyel.

Later Alen again took Rs 5 lakhs.

The outfit further said that Inaobi who is involved in the case and is an ex-MR personnel was taken captive by the UNLF on November 20 but he was rescued by a team of police commandos and later released the next day.

Straight after his release he went to Kangvai and joined the other killers.

Since then he has been re-instated in the MR, claimed UNLF.

After due investigation conducted by a special team of the outfit, UNLF said that it has been able to establish without any doubt that James Kuki alias Letsei, Alen Kuki, Papao, Nando, Rome, Inaobi, Ibotombi and a Tangkhul who is a brother-in-law of James are all guilty of kidnapping and killing Lungnila Elizabeth.

To deliver justice, UNLF has appealed to the people, especially to the Kuki people to hand them over to the outfit where-ever they are found.

UNLF also said that it will leave the mode of punishment to be awarded to the guilty persons to the public.

UNLF also said that Rome has been handed over to the meira paibis today and appealed to the people not to instantly punish him reasoning that until all the other accused are captured, his help may be needed.

Recalling the stages of the investigation, UNLF said that about three months back it received information that some Meitei youths were extorting money in the name of the KNF.

As such practices painted the revolutionary movements in a bad light, UNLF started investigating the matter.

On October 19 last year two such persons were captured and given capital punishment for besmirching the name of the revolutionary movements, said the outfit.

Based on the information provided by the two, UNLF started studying the conduct and activities of Rome and his associates.

Even as the investigation was on, Lungnila Elizabeth was kidnapped on November 4 and the name of KNF was also dragged into the case, said the spokesman.

This alerted the UNLF to the possibility that the same group who were extorting money in the name of the KNF may be involved in the case, said the spokesman.

UNLF immediately took up necessary strategies to investigate the kidnapping of Lungnila but unfortunately the child was found killed on November 12 at Sadokpam.

As the UNLF suspected that the killing could involve certain elements who were with the KNF (Zougam) and were extorting money in the name of KNF, UNLF started investigating the case from this angle, said the outfit.

Some of them were hauled and after interrogation it was confirmed that they were not involved, said UNLF.

However to get to the bottom of the matter, UNLF laid a carefully thought out plan, said the statement.

As such the names of some suspects and the names of some KNF (P) cadres (who were known to be innocent) was deliberately floated by the outfit to surrender to them by December 26 for extorting money in the name of the KNF.

One of the main accused Romen of Bashikhong took the bait and surrendered to the UNLF, said the statement.

At first Romen feigned ignorance maintaining that he was just after some contract works in the name of the KNF but when faced with the proof that UNLF produced he caved in and confessed to his crime, said the statement.