"Laangban Chara Tamba" ceremony conducted on 16th September 2023 (Laangban Gi Nongma Panba) at Lainingthou Sanamahi Laishang, Haying Khongban, Imphal, near 1st MR Gate, G.P. College Road.

In the past years, offered food and floral tribute to our forefathers. This year this solemn ceremony was conducted by offering food and floral tribute to the sacrificed souls on account of ongoing violence in the state.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of indeginous meitei/meetei people from various leikais of the state.

A song by Tapta was also devoted to our sacrificed souls in the ongoing violence.

The indeginous meitei/meetei people attended the ceremony by wearing our traditional costume.

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Picture Credit :: Khaba Kh