Shirui Lily as seen during Shirui Lily Festival 2022 at Shirui Hills, Ukhrul :: May 26 - May 29 2022

Shirui Lily as seen during the Shirui Lily Festival 2022 from May 26 - May 29 2022 at Shirui Hills, Ukhrul .

Shirui Lily, a rare and endangered flower that can only be found in Manipur. Shirui lily grows on top of the Shirui hills in Manipur and cannot be replanted anywhere else in the world.

The state flower of Manipur fills the air with its pleasant fragrance during the blooming season.

The festival is observed primarily with an aim to spread awareness and conserve the endangered state flower "Shirui Lily".

The festival provides an opportunity for people from various communities and tribes to come together, explore the highest hill-station of Manipur, the picturesque Ukhrul district and get deeper insights about the Tangkhul Naga tribe dwelling here.

Climbing the Shirui hills is one of the most interesting treks in Manipur and a chance to see the rare flower. It is an ultimate treat for nature and adventure lovers.

Photo Credit :: Lamdamba Oinam