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A report cum face to face chat with Shajik Thaba winner

"I'm proud to be the choice of 2000 plus Internet audience around the globe" Miss Thokchom Jeshmin

The cyber winner of DAWN 2002 was chosen as the Camera's Choice (Photogenic) and DAWN Girl of the Year in the Bright Film's DAWN 2002 talent hunt contest held at Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre, BOAT, on 18th March 2002.

Miss Thokchom Jeshmin, winner of Shajik Thaba E-Pao DAWN 2002, had also wowed the lenses of Imphal-based-photojournalists during the mega event.

jam-packed BOAT The colourfully decorated BOAT came alive on the night of March 18 as the final countdown of Bright Film's third edition of DAWN 2002 unfold to a packed audience. The audiences were energized as hosts of dance troupes livened up the whole atmosphere with performance and enthralled one and all with their dance. Sorry! No Hindi or English music was played (or rather not allowed) for their dancing. Popular hit numbers from Manipuri films or Manipuri Music videos were the order of the day.

The previous night (17th March), there were dance contests for children and youth category entitled 'Esheigi Tanthada Jagoi-gee Khuthek'. A total of 61 contestants took part in the contest. The panel of judges drawn from Manipuri film world did the honours to select the DAWN 2002 Actor and Actress winners.

DAWN 2002 Actor and Actress Y Arunkumar and K Purnima posing for photographs The awards are based on contestant's ability to show their talents in three different rounds which includes Bold and Beautiful (catwalk), Dialogue & Acting and Question & Answer round. Bright Film's prestigious DAWN Actor and Actress were singled out from 23 aspirants. Yumnam Arunkumar, a TDC II year student who hails from Langmeidong was the unanimous choice for DAWN 2002 Actor while DAWN 2002 Actress goes to Konthoujam Purnima from Lilong Arapti. Purnima is curently studying in Class X at Canchipur High School. Coincidentially they also bagged the Movie Camera Choice titles in Boys and Girls category respectively.

Winners for other titles were:
Camera's Choice (boy) : H Prakash
Camera's Choice (girl) : Th Jeshmin
Best Discipline : L Aruna
Special Jury Award : L Aruna
DAWN Boy of the Year : H Prakash
DAWN Girl of the Year : Th Jeshmin

A Samarendra (Imphal representative of E-Pao!) giving away the Shajik Thaba E-Pao! Dawn 2002 award to Miss Th Jeshmin E-Pao! Imphal representative Mr Atom Samarendra met Miss Jeshmin from amongst the winners for a face to face chat for the very interest of our visitors who have voted her the winner of "Shajik Thaba E-Pao! DAWN 2002".

17 year old Miss Jeshmin, a student of XI Science at International Modern Academy, is the apple of her parents and hails from Yaiskul Hiruhanba Leikai.

Here are the excerpts:

E-Pao: Congratulation on winning the three coveted titles in the Dawn 2002, including Shajik Thaba E-Pao! Dawn 2002.
Jeshmin: Thanks.

E-Pao: What was your feeling after winning three titles?
Jeshmin: I was so excited that I couldn't even control the tears rolling down my cheek. I was expecting at least one title but I unexpectedly won three coveted titles including E-Pao's Shajik Thaba. I'm proud to be the choice of 2000 plus Internet audience around the globe. I also want to express my humble gratitude to those who have voted me for the title.

Th Jeshmin just after winning three titles E-Pao: Your aim must be to become an actress in Manipuri film world. So what is beyond DAWN 2002 now?
Jeshmin: Yes! Winning DAWN 2002 Actress Award is just like an offer from Bright Films for their next production. Missing the title doesn't mean I've lost confidence in myself; I had got the chance of exposing my talents during the event. My mission to become an actress will not stop here. I am young enough to work hard to fulfill my aspiration. I will leave no stone unturned to become an actress one day.

E-Pao: What is your comment on holding DAWN event of Bright Films?
Jeshmin: It is quite encouraging to hold such event in the sense that it provides a platform for children and youths to expose their dormant talents in the field of dance, acting etc.

E-Pao: Have you appeared in any feature film, video film or music videos?
Jeshmin: So far I've not appeared in any video or feature films. However, I've four music videos in my credit namely 'College Kaabi Leishabida Koige Hairubada Yaraktre', a duet of Sadananda and Ranbir Thouna, Sadananda's 'Kuchu mubi nangni rashi leibi eigi' (a much popular music video airing in local cable networks), 'Toina unashi yadabi nang' of Pilot and Kunjabihari's 'College ahanba kabashi pakhang pharaboi ning-ee'.

E-Pao: Any other offer at the moment?
Jeshmin: No! As my priority is in my studies, I've to pay attention to my studies too. So my parents and myself are having reservations in taking offer from music video companies or producers so as not to affect my studies.

E-Pao: Have you been attending any acting or dance class?
Jeshmin: I've completed one-month comprehensive course on acting, which was conducted by Electro Digital Vision with few renowned film personalities from Manipur and Assam attending as resource persons last year. Apart from that I do regular acting practice myself.

E-Pao: Well, we wish you success in your future endeavour and thank you for sparing your valuable time with us. You are truly a Shajik Thaba.
Jeshmin: Thanks a lot.

**Shajik Thaba, meaning the morning star in Manipuri astronomical paraphernelia, can be observed in the wee hours of the morning in the eastern horizon, indicating the ensuing dawn**

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