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As Bright Film, Manipur has been marching ahead with SIX successful Manipuri Feature Films, this company has the challenge to take part in the Manipuri Cinema Movement. Besides, its routine work of producing value-based-commercial Manipuri Films, the company had presented DAWN-2000, a mega-event of Manipuri Film World on the 31st December, 1999 and 1st January, 2000 to the people of Manipur in general and to the film enthusiasts of the State in particular. Dawn 2001 was also held with grand success last year

DAWN - 2002 is also with the same objective - "Hunting Film Talents". This time, the company has new modalities and conditions with respect to indigenous spirit of the region.

DAWN - 2002
An Open Gate of Manipuri Cinema
1. Moral: The event is not a Beauty Pageant. Actors and Actress with young talents will be selected for our future Manipuri Films from among the delegates of a "CONDENSE COURSE ON FILM ARTS". Children, Junior and Youth will dance on Manipuri Film Songs for "Film Esheigi Tanthada Khuthek". Position holders contests may get chance to participate in future Manipuri Cinema.


  1. Experts will render theoretical and practical classes with Camera.

  2. Interactions with Film Actors & Actress.

  3. Topic are - (i) Film Acting. (ii) Dialogue Delivery (iii) Public Performance.

  4. Both the male and female delegates will be trained properly for presentation on the Main Event on 17th March 2002 at BOAT.

  5. A delegate, who is interested only in the Condense Course, may not, on his will participate the Main Event.

  6. Position holders may be offered with a role in the next production of Bright Film, Manipur as a pedant of Bight Film Manipu's DAWN Series.

  1. The delegates will introduce their homage to the motherland with a special presentation composed by Project Director, DAWN 2002

  2. Personality Test.

  3. Female delegates will introduce themselves.

  4. Dialogue & Acting (Pre-prepared)

  5. Questions and Answers on Manipuri Films.

  6. No catwalk Rounds.

  7. No Crowning.

  8. First, Second & Third position holders will be awarded nominal cash prizes and certificate.

4. Film Esheigi Tanthada Khuthek:
  1. This dance - contest on Manipuri Film Songs has three categories - (i) Children - Upto 8 yrs. of age. (ii) Junior - 8-1 2 yrs. (iii) Youth -Above 1 2 yrs.

  2. There will be a "One day Condense Course" for the contestants of all the Categories before the main event.

  3. Eminent Manipuri Film personalities will deliver lecture to all the contestants regarding the Gesture and Facial Expression in Manipuri Film Song Sequences.

  4. A limited number of contestants will be selected for the Main Event from the three categories.

  5. First, Second and Third Position holders will be awarded nominal cash prize and certificate.

  6. No odd dress.

  7. Special attention will be paid to the dance movements and its acceptability to the Manipuri Society.

5. The nominal rate of Entry Pass for DAWN - 2002 is fixed at Rs. 30/- only per seat. Bright Film feels the urge of not collecting undue funds. Profit (if any) may go to Welfare Fund of Cine Artistes and Technicians Assn. Manipur, as the company did the same in DAWN - 2001.

6. Such a Programme is better organized by a government Agency with a wider range in a state like Manipur. But due to the lack of a proper "State Film Policy", nobody could rise an active hand. A state like Manipur may find a way to solve the unemployment problem with a Film Industry, as we are very much rich in Culture and Arts.

It is a humble appeal to all the sections of the state to know the present need of Manipuri Cinema and give a hopeful hand to the stagnant movement.

Bright Film Manipur.

**Shajik Thaba, meaning the morning star in Manipuri astronomical paraphernelia, can be observed in the wee hours of the morning in the eastern horizon, indicating the ensuing dawn**

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