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- Fubar Ghetto Band -
Current - March 2013
  • Guitars Vikram Chongtham
  • Bass Raju R.K
  • Drums & Percussion Aditya Singh

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Email: fubarghetto(at)gmail(dot)com

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Mar 30 2013: Vapour, Gurgaon
Apr 5 2013: Law Faculty Auditorium, Delhi University


Fubar Ghetto - coming together to make eclectic music


Musicians from New Delhi, India coming together to make eclectic music.

Fubar Ghetto Live
Fubar Ghetto Live - Give Music a Chance


Vikram (Guitars) and Raju (Bass) both prolific musicians in the north east of India had played together during the early 90s. They reunited in Delhi in 2010 to start a modern-jazz project - something of a rarity in India. After jamming regularly for a few months, Raju was introduced to Aditya (Drums) through a common friend. Similar tastes in music, the active craving to make music and the drive to introduce people to different types of jazz formed the basis of an instant bonding between Vikram, Raju and Aditya.

The very first jam session revealed an instant connect between the three musicians and Fubar Ghetto was formed in the summer of 2010. The name was suggested by a friend of the band's when they played their first concert - a charity show near a slum, or ghetto on the banks of the Yamuna river in Delhi. "FUBAR" - a World War II acronym was used to describe the venue implying something that is "fouled up beyond all recognition" and on the inebriated friend's request, the name Fubar Ghetto just stuck! Since then the band has headlined the National School of Drama's annual festival, played at Jamia Millia University, The Living Room (TLR), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Under the Banyan Tree (Khan Market) and Baci (Sunder Nagar) to name a few.

Fubar Ghetto Live

Fubar Ghetto frequently collaborates with vocalists and instrumentalists from different genres to make their shows diverse, distinct and full of surprises! Between 2011-12, the lineup featured German Saxophone player Busso Alvensleben who played with Fubar Ghetto on many occasions. The band is currently active on the live circuit in Delhi and is in the process of recording some of their compositions.

Currently, playing as a trio (Guitar, Bass and Drums), the band has been regularly playing at various live music venues at Delhi since 2010. Some of these have included Boheme, The Living Room (TLR), Downstairs at Zo, 24-7 Bar at the Lalit, Baci, F-Bar etc.

In addition, Fubar Ghetto also headlined festivals (Shared Solace at JNU, These Hills Called Home at Jamia Millia, Christmas Festival and NE Carnival with Delhi Tourism, Cacophony at the National School of Drama, Give Music a Chance at Delhi University).

The band has also played many corporate shows (the most recent being the Skoda prize at the Czech Embassy) and has also been booked for private parties and events. Fubar Ghetto has performed regularly for social causes such as The International Day Against Drug Abuse 2010 and World AIDS Day 2012.

Fubar Ghetto Live - The Living Room (TLR)
Fubar Ghetto Live - The Living Room (TLR)


Fubar Ghetto is a Delhi-based band that blends elements of a wide variety of genres including classic rock, jazz and blues. Fubar Ghetto believes in improvisation and exploring the boundaries of musical structure. The band comprises musicians with up to 20 years of experience in playing, recording and teaching music.

Band Interests

Sekmai, Chai and Hokusai!

Contact Info

Press Contact: fubarghetto(at)gmail(dot)com
Booking Agent: fubarghetto(at)gmail(dot)com
Facekook : @Facebook

Fubar Ghetto Live - The Living Room (TLR)
Fubar Ghetto Live - The Living Room (TLR)

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