I created this simple flash presentation specifically for a Manipuri related gathering here in North America, to outline a brief overview of our lovely state to the west world. There are so many beautiful things I missed to include in the flash presentation but, unfortunately it has to be concise for the special occasion. The flash presentation is not base on a particular theme, it is a simple presentation to revitalize Manipur and its involvement to the World and it covered only the basic elements of Manipur due to time constraint.

The flash presentation was broadcasted to the public in Montreal, Canada on 5th Sept,2010.

Special thanks to Bhumenjoy Konsam who gave me permission to use one of his original sound track from his movie. Images were collected from several sources and thanks to all the wonderful people who had uploaded such magnificent images such as the Legendary Painting "The battle of Khongjom" by RKCS. My sincere apology if I failed to give credit for the specific image.

- Vik Sorensangbam -
3D Character Artist
Montreal, Canada

This flash presentation plays sounds too so ... turn your speaker volume up!