Message Board Announcement


The E-Pao! MB is closing.

Yes its true. After running it for so long, it has become part of our service but we would have to say a sad good bye to it.

Since we believe in free platform, there are no restriction to the posts and it is being misused continuosly. It is often used to vent one's own personnal agendas. There is also mass spamming going on.

As decided earlier, we are not able to man it and give it a strict vigil. It seems to bring us more shame that what we intended to do - give a platform. and in the long run, it doesn't even make a viable commercially supported platform it in the face of so much misuse and abuse.

This is the second time we are closing the MB. First time being when some very "unsocial elements" used the postings made by users on the MB during the June 2001 uprising for their own personnal gains.

We'll be closing but hopefully we can do something about it in the later time.

With sad faces,
Team E-Pao!
Jan 08th 2008

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