Voter's finger to be inked twice
Source: The Sangai Express

New Delhi, January 29 (PTI): In a bid to reduce chances of mischief on the polling day, the Election Commission today announced that the indelible ink marking the casting of franchise would be applied not once but twice on the left forefinger of the voters.

The ink should be applied in the two corners of the lower end of the nail on the left forefinger of the voter; the Commission said adding that it should be applied on the root of the nail allowing some portion of the ink to cover skin immediately below the root of the nail.

Before applying the ink for the second time, it should be ensured that sufficient time was given after the first mark so that it dried up by that time, it said adding that after the first mark of indelible ink was applied, signature or thumb impression might be obtained on the counterfoil of the ballot paper or in the register of voters.