Parents refute 'trafficking' charge
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 27: Refuting the claim of rescuing four young children by local NGOs from being trafficked to Chennai in the complaint lodged to the Moirang Police on August 20 by chairperson of Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Bishnupur, the parents of the four children today clarified that there was no question of rescuing the children or trafficking.

Participating in a parents' meeting organised by Rising Star Club, Ithing Awang Leikai at Thanga Ithing today, the parents of the four children explained that as they are not a position to educate their children due to poor financial condition of the family, they contacted Moirangthem Devan of Ithing Heikhol Leikai, who is a pastor, so that their children could be admitted and ensure free education at Alis Rabika Memorial English School located at Dr Ambedkar Nagar Red Hills, Chennai.

The school is run by the Hands of Compassion.

Since Devan was at Chennai, his younger brother Herojit was requested to take the children to Chennai.

But as the bus tickets could not be arranged in time and Devan communicated that it would be late for admission of the children to the school in the current session, all of them returned home safely from the North AOC Bus parking.

So the charges of rescuing them from being taken to Chennai illegally was baseless, the parents asserted.

Pastor Moirangthem Devan, who was also present at the occasion, informed that he is a pastor of the Faith Baptist Church located at Langol and has been facilitating free education of the children belonging to BPL families at Alis Rabika Memorial English School at Chennai run by Hands of Compassion with the consent of their parents, local bodies and the authorities of schools which issued the transfer certificates.

At present, there are in all 32 children from Manipur studying in the said school, he added.