13 held up kids were from Moreh
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 19: It was found that 13 children from Moreh and its surrounding villages were among the 22 children of the State held up in the Life Trust Ministry children home, West Tambaran, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

It was conveyed today by the New Era Environmental and Development Society (NEEDS) in a press statement.

The release said that NEEDS along with Child Welafre Committee members visited the border town and held meeting with the executive members of KSO Moreh Block to find out the facts and figures.

The team later had a meeting with the parents/guardians of the children who are held up at Chennai.

Some of the parents reported that due to different conflict situations in and around Moreh, many families are displaced which pressed them with economic hardships to bring up their children.

The parents approached the Christian worker Bebiak who has link with the Chennai based children home to find out the means to support for education. The guardians/parents got recommendation from the Hill Tribal Council, Moreh on June 2 last as they pleaded to send to Life Trust Ministry.

Problem came to light when five/six children attempted to escape from the children home.

The press release said that some of the members attending the meeting had the opinion that all these problem cropped up because the State Government is not able to provide proper education in the interior areas, particularly in hill areas.