Muivah's stay in Chakhesang against people's feelings : NNC
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 06 2010: The Federal Government of Nagaland, Naga National Council (NNC) has said that Th Muivah's stay in Chakhesang area is against the feelings of the people.

Secretary of Chakhesang Region, Federal Government of Nagaland, Suluneyi said in a press release that in Naga way of life, they respect the culture and tradition of each other whereby they live in a Federal structure of civilized existence.

No Naga can be against Muivah to visit his native village Somdal or for that matter any other authority to visit one's native place.

However, the reality is that it is not a national subject and has got nothing to do with other people or tribes, he said.

"As a Naga he is free to visit not only his native village but all other parts of our country sans his personal security because of his schemes and detrimental actions over the past five decades which is still fresh in the minds of the relatives of the afflicted victims.

The meaning of freedom of existence must not be over ruled by the imposition of one's will on the people.

It is the will of our people which guides us.

The difference of approach to the common problem lies in this.

Let us all look and deduce whether any visit or prolonged stay of an authority of any political group is at the invitation of the people or the imposition of one's will on the people" .

"At this juncture of the ongoing Reconciliation process in our land through the selfless efforts of the FNR, which Nagas fully support and look forward to reconciliation and unity of our people in a common cause, let no individual nor group be an impediment to the common process of our welfare.

The Chakhesangs stand for the NNC and the Plebiscite of 1951 .

This mandate cannot be claimed by any individual character.

Rather we as Chakhesangs are all to be scrutinized under this mandate.

Let no man misguide nor create confrontational situation in our homeland at a time of restraint and peace in our land to achieve unity and solving the Indo-Naga problem through non-violence," Suluneyi opined.