Senior citizens flay Centre's inaction on economic blockade
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 04 2010: When nothing was seen taken up apparently to tackle with even as the economic blockade on the highways in the state entered 55 days, the Senior Citizens' Forum, Mayang Imphal Friday put down many questions to the State as well as Central government.

The forum also cautioned the NSCN (IM) leader Th Muivah that one day he will be cursed by the Naga people if he fails to intervene to the economic blockade if he happens to be a man of politic revealing that the Naga people in the state are also receiving the same impact of the economic blockade.

As an impact of the economic blockade commenced from April 12 last, prices of all essential commodities have been sky rocketed and beyond the capacity of affording by people.

When nothing steps seen taken up to end the boycott, the forum in a statement signed by its president RK Brajeshwar asked whether it was the mistake of the State government or the Central government.

Eminent senior citizens of Manipur at convention

Will it be satisfied one for the government when citizens of the state die of starvation? Why the 60 MLAs of the state are remaining mum? What they are doing when the stage of selling out their beloved child for the sake of one kg of rice reached, the forum asked.

It also recalled that when economic blockade was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir, Central government intervened stating that it was violation of rights to life of the people and forced to withdraw the same within 24 hour while in the state of Manipur even though the blockade had enter its second month, the Centre is taking up no apparent action to end the same.

At the same time, the state government is still could not find a solution to end the blockade.

What is the hidden agenda behind it and are the MLAs and minister thinking that they would the state peace of mind after people died of starvation, the statement asked.

In the prevailing situation, joining hands together among the people of all sections of the society has become a must and finds a away to end the blockade instead of criticizing each other.

If Th Muivah is happened to be a man of politic, he must know the suffering of the Naga people.

If he remains silent, one day people's curse will be poured down on him.

He must act keeping this mind, the forum put down.