NSCN (K)-Naga bodies verbal duel continues
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Imphal, Jul 31: Reacting and counter reacting has come up between the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region and the Naga civil organisations.

Counter reacting to the statement of United Naga Council (UNC), ANSAM and NWUM, the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region accused UNC president K.S.Paul Leo as directly working at the behest of the NSCN-IM.

The outfit also accused ANSAM and NWUM of working directly for the NSCN-IM.

The NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region statement issued by its information and publicity in-charge also accused K.S.Paul Leo as a communal element saying that the UNC president was instrumental in aggravating the Kuki-Naga ethnic clash of the early 1990s.The statement of the outfit then said that Paul Leo was kidnapped by the KNF (MC) for his role in the Kuki-Naga ethnic clash but it was the NSCN-K who had pleaded the Kuki outfit to free the UNC president in which the latter was released.

"Paul Leo would have been killed by the KNF(MC) at the time of his abduction but since we were having alliance with the Kuki outfit then which was fortunate enough for the UNC president to survive today," said the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region adding that the KNF(MC) had already decided to kill the UNC president.

The NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region dismissed the statement of the UNC, ANSAM and NWUM that the latter organisations are working for peace.

"If UNC, ANSAM and NWUM are working for peace then why did they instigated and incited to burn text books in the four hill districts of Tamenglong, Senapati, Ukhrul and Chandel which is a violent means," pointed out the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region adding, "during the 52 days of its economic blockade ANSAM had violently destroyed an important bridge along the NH-53 last year which was also a violent means." The Khaplang faction of the NSCN, Zeliangrong Region then reasoned that had the UNC, ANSAM and NWUM been working for peace then there would be definitely some example of their (UNC, ANSAM, NWUM) deeds to be cited to prove of their claim but nothing that sort exist but rather they are destructive and violent.

On the larger front the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region said that whatever the NSCN-IM, UNC and ANSAM have been prusuing, till date nothing had been successful.

The statement of the outfit elaborated and said that it was the demand for a ceasefire without territorial limit but later on it confined only to Nagaland state.

The 52 day ANSAM economic blockade did not bear any fruit, said the outfit in a statement.

It also said that the demand for sovereignty of Nagaland had turned into Nagalim and subsequently it would become Nagaram.

It further pointed out that the NSCN-IM had earlier had boycotted the Indian elections but later on they (NSCN-IM) became fully involved in the elections.

"The NSCN-IM has no principle," alleged the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region.

On the affiliation of the NBSE issue, the NSCN-K explained that whether affiliating to Nagaland education board or not it will be the same educational context saying that even if the students in the four hill districts of Manipur have prescribed the NBSE it would be the same English language text books and not the Naga languages/dialects.

With this, the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region reiterated that whatever the NSCN-IM, UNC and ANSAM did nothing had been long lasted and successful and termed them as communal forces trying to create problems among different communities living in the state.

The NSCN-K, Zeliang-rong Region then accused Chief Minister O.Ibobi of working discreetly in collaboration with the NSCNIM, UNC and ANSAM.

It said that last year NSCN-IM, UNC and ANSAM had bribed O.Ibobi Singh to declare June 18 as Manipur Integrity Day and as state holiday so that it touched the sentiments of the Nagas and thereby given the Nagas chances to protest unitedly on the issue.