UMO says GoI's trap caught Muivah
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 22 2010: The Universal Mother's Organisation (UMO) today expressed worried that NSCN (IM) leader Th Muivah has been caught in the trap of the government of India who are trying to disintegrate the unity of different communities residing together since time immemorial.

Speaking to reporters at Manipur Press Club, Major Khul Friday, president of UMO, N Sorojoni said that as a son of Manipur, people love him but he is a leader of an underground outfit based in Nagaland.

Under his leadership, NSCN (IM) had killed hundreds of Kukis leaving thousands rendered homeless in their own land.

Not only killing many officials of government, the outfit has been indulging in looting highway travelers taking advantage of the not extending cease-fire between the outfit and government of India in Manipur.

Keeping behind crimes committed by the NSCN(IM) under his leadership, as the cease fire does not cover the state, he can be arrested if enter the state and can bar him from entering the state, she observed.

Catching the weakness of Th Muivah's lack of thorough thinking, government of India is using him in spewing communal venoms to the people of the state as GoI never want to live unitedly the people in the region.

In reality, there is no definite tribe called Naga.

It was a recently created nomenclature.

So, it would be wrong to welcome him by those who do not know him on his visit to the state.

Knowing the fact, people of all sections of the society should live in harmony, she made a call.

Sorojini also commented that the economic blockade as "uncalled".

The students' body is bending to the people when the impasse is with the government.

The students' body imposing the blockade should think twice and withdraw the blockade as it like burning own house to kill rat (Uchi kalak yum mei thai) in Manipuri proverb.

Withdraw the blockade within May 23, otherwise, as a mother, what do to with her son will be done, she said.

Sorojini said that the body appreciates the firm stand of the Chief Minister in preventing Muivah from entering the state but "We are not happy when he could not effectively deal with the blockade callers." Contrary to efforting to procure the essential items in the state through the NH-53, the second lifelines of the state, government is unnecessarily spending its manpower and time to improve the Guite road which is not feasible considering the topography of the road, she observed.

On the other hand, government is investing its mind in airlifting essential commodities to the state when these commodities procured in 100 loads truck loads could not meet the requirement per day, she lamented.