PRO to VC of PREPAK clarifies
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 21: Responding to the report in connection with the detention of two women at Samurou and published in the State dailies, the self styled PRO to VC of the proscribed PREPAK today said that the VC has nothing to do with the incident.

In a statement, the PRO said that the VC had nothing to do with the detention of the mothers of the two children at Samurou.

Making the stand of the VC clear, the PRO said that the recent incidences of kidnapping of children to recruit them is a bane for the whole society.

Dragging in the name of the VC in the detention of two mothers of two kids from Konthoujam was nothing but an act to tarnish the name and image of the VC, said the statement further.

Anyone involved in the said incident should reveal their identities, said the statement and added that there is no such thing as PREPAK (VC).

According to the norms of the outfit the recruitment of cadres for undergoing military training is the responsibility of the CO (I) and CO (II), said the outfit and added that CO (I) is under the General Secretary while CO (II) is under the Home Secretary.

There is no recruitment agency for the VC.

The VC is a personality who respects the civil rights and humanitarian laws, said the statement and added that kidnapping children and recruiting children as child soldiers is against the international laws.

Recruiting children or kidnapping children is not included in the principle of PREPAK, it added.

The public is free to punish all those who misused the name of the VC, said the statement and urged the people of Konthoujam to stop talking ill of the VC.