CCpur indifferent to coming elections
Source: The Sangai Express.

CCpur, January 20: Even though election to the 8th Assembly is just a month away, poll fever is yet to catch Churachandpur and unlike other years the tamasha and glitz usually associated with general elections is missing.

In place of boisterous election workers, the mood is one of quiet reflection and deep introspection over the sorry state of affairs pervading the political climate.

The candidates too, perhaps sensing the public mood, are maintaining a low profile with not even one public election meeting held till date.

The public disinterest mainly stem from the realization that elections have not been able to change the live of the man on the street.

The wounds inflicted in the last election are yet to heal.

The most basic amenities like adequate water supply, electricity, roads etc that were the mantra of each and every candidate since the 70's have remained unaddressed.

However all this do not mean that no activities have not taken off.

A number of organizations have come out in the open with public appeals and Action Plans to curb booth capturing, rigging and poll related violence.

The common refrain on the lips of the general population is ‘make the election free and fair'.

A joint meeting of all major philanthropic youth organizations was recently help at YPA office, Upper Lamka in this connection.

The Young Paite Association has issued a whip asking all its office bearers from the top to the village level not to canvass openly for any particular candidate.

Perhaps most significantly the Indigenous Peoples' Revolutionary Alliance (IPRA), which is a conglomerate of most non Naga underground outfits, issued a public statement asking all its member organizations not to demand money or anything from political parties and candidates.

In sum the opinion of the people has changed.

The shenanigans of the politicians in the last two turbulent years have undoubtedly left a bad taste in the mouth of the people.