Rapport with inhabitants on NH 53 needed
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, July 10 2010: "Developing a good relation with the villagers inhabiting along the NH 53 is a must to make the NH 53 main lifeline of Manipur" said vice president of Transporters' and Drivers' Council (TDC) Th Ibohal today on the fourth day of Campaign for Survival by AMADA at Lamlong Market in Imphal East.

The vice president said that drivers have been carrying stones in their vehicles for mending the road and people have now started donating stones and cash amount to the council needed for mending the road.

AMADA has also given assurance for donation, he said while talking on need for improvement of NH 53 as main life line.

He asserted that building good rapport with the villagers inhabiting along the stretch particularly Zeliangrong community is a must by recalling the history of brotherhood that existed.

Vice President AMADA, Y Sundari called upon the people engaged in brewing alcohol with rice as the state is in dearth of rice to stop the same observing that alcohol destroys Manipuri society.

Shortage of food and fuel has disrupted in AMADA's drive against drugs, hence AMADA has been compelled to launch the "Campaign for Survival," she cited giving reason behind.

the launching of the campaign.

Participating in the Campaign for Survival, Member, Consumer Redressal Forum, Chandel and Thoubal L Rameshwor and Secretary, Consumers' Club Ch Nabachandra spoke on legal means to punish traders selling essential commodities at high price.

The fourth day of campaign for Survival took out at Lamlong Market, Imphal East by AMADA today.

The campaign was attended by shop-owners and women of Lamlong market led by Lamlong Keithel Nupi Marup President A Apabi.

The campaign demand for immediate relieve of people from price rise and called upon to all to extend cooperation in making NH-53 main lifeline.

It also demanded for formation of price fixation committee.