Suspension not commensurate with crime: Bodies
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 01: Numerous women bodies and social organisations have expressed strong indignation at the inept tackling of Naobi issue contending that the State Government does not understand gravity of the situation and mere suspension of the accused commandos is not commensurate with the crime committed.

A statement issued by the Village Women's Co-ordinating Committee, Sangaithel observed that police commandos who are supposed to provide security have been targeting innocent civilians and violating human rights time and again at the flimsiest suspension.

The case of M Naobi of Leirongthel is a clear revelation of their true colour.

It urged the State Govt to award harsh and exemplary punishment to the criminals and maintained that mere suspension of these commando personnel would not be solution to this extreme case of state terrorism.

The Nupi Yaipha Thousil Lup, Haoreibi, in a press statement cautioned that the State Govt must not provide impunity to guilty commandos under the cloak of inquiries.

It further demanded termination of Thoubal CJM, Mrs Kim for her discriminatory in dealing with the Naobi case.

The Lup also pledged all possible help to all movements initiated by the JAC concerned.

Meanwhile, many women bodies including Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur, Moirangpokpa Meira Lup, Phougeishangbam Meira Lup Nagamapal, Nagamapal Women Nisha Bandh Association have launched sit-in-protest at the head office of Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Lup at Khuyathong.

Such sit-in-protest were observed in several parts of the State.

The protesters comprising mostly of Meira Paibis and women organisations hold placards that read as "Resign Chief Minister O Ibobi and council of ministers who fail to safeguard the honour of women"," Ensure commensurate punishment to commandos who dishonoured Manipuri women by sexually assaulting Naobi", Terminate CJM Thoubal Mrs Kim for her failure to uphold truth and justice" etc.

Such sit-in-protests were held at Singjamei Super Market, Chingamakhong, New Checkon, Kongpal, Lalambung etc.

A statement issued by the Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur noted that the sit-in-protest is a part of the mass movement against the inhuman torture and sexual harassment of M Naobi of Leirongthel by police commandos.

It asserted that the protest movement is against O Ibobi's mild treatment of such a grave issue, quite contrary to the expectation of the people.

The women body observed that mere suspension of the commandos would not suffice to quell public outrage.

Such delaying tactics of the SPF Government in the form of magisterial inquiry would be a futile exercise for the people are determined to snatch justice at all cost.

For such a grave crime, the beastly commandos ought to be terminated and award the harshest punishment permitted by law.

Contending that numerous such violations of human rights by security forces have been witnessed in the past, the body noted that to all such cases the State Governments responded only by adhoc measures which only encouraged the perpetrators as is evident in the case of Naobi.

It further cautioned that hundreds of Naobis would fall victims if the perpetrators of such ghastly crimes are not taught a befitting lesson.

Remarking that for women honour is more precious than life, the Ebudhou Thongju Lakpa Meira Paibi Lup expressed deep shock and anguish at the atrocity committed by commandos against a helpless girl.

A press release issued by the Lup noted that such immoral commandos ought to be banished from the civilized society to the jungles.

It also disclosed its steadfast stand to continue with various agitation until and unless justice is delivered.

Alleging that the Chief Minister O Ibobi is shielding the guilty commandos under the cloak of suspension and inquiry, it demanded immediate resignation of Ibobi for his utter insensitivity towards people's plight and sentiment.

Taking serious note of the torture of Naobi's case, the Ningomthong Pebiya Pandit Leikai Women Self Help Group has resolved to go on with protest movements.

Asserting that the SPF Government has totally failed in its duty to protect its citizens even from the State forces, the Kairang Social Reformation Samaj has proposed for prohibition of commandos entering in every locality by the local clubs and Meira Paibis.