KYKL refutes, shares thoughts on influx-II
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 28: Asserting that the population of Manipur, including the non-local people is a mere 40 million compared to over a billion population of India, KYKL said that while the people of region are Mongoloid the people of North India are Aryan.

Moreover the geographical divide is huge, it said and added that India is the bigger community while the people of Manipur are the smaller community.

Claiming that the Indians are the oppressors and the Manipuri people the oppressed, the outfit said that situation has come to such a pass that the indigenous people today have willingly embraced the culture super-imposed on them.

Other than this, India has set up laws for the people here and in the process it has launched institutional/structural violence on the people of Manipur said the statement and cited the case of AFSPA.

If what St Thomas Aquinas who said that unjust law is unleashing violence is true then India is perpetrating violence against the people of Manipur reasoned KYKL.

Accusing India of economically exploiting the people of Manipur, KYKL said that Delhi has been pumping in Rs 3000 crores every year and making the people poorer and poorer.

Economics can be twisted in many ways, said the outfit and claimed that money can be pumped and at the same time, people can be impoverished and this is what has been happening in Manipur.

Due to the machinations of India, the people of Manipur have been reduced to such a state, that they cannot earn but are adept at begging.

The moral values of the people have been eroded and today the people have been reduced to a whimpering lot, only satisfied with obeying their masters, claimed KYKL.

It is precisely to save the people from such a state that the KYKL has taken up the armed struggle to fight, said the statement.

However the time has also come not to remain merely satisfied with the arms struggle but also to counter the subtle but far more dangerous policy being adopted by India.

The security force sent into Manipur to meet the armed movement is an open policy, said KYKL and added that what is needed is for all to realise the need to fight the covert onslaught that has come in the form of cultural policies.

All these years, the people have not taken notice of this subtle approach, said KYKL and added it is this failure to recognise the threat at hand that today, there is a gradual erosion in the culture of the land and its people, the economic foundation of the people has been destroyed, degrading morality, change in value system as well as change in demographic composition.

In fact situation has come to such a pass that the indigenous people now think it a matter of pride to hand over their daughters in marriage to the outsiders, the indigenous language is losing its distinct identity, no one wants to learn the indigenous script, etc.

All these are today no longer imposed but are willingly adopted by the indigenous people, said KYKL and added that the process of Indianisation amongst the indigenous people has taken firm roots.

The present stage is the fruit of the subtle, soft cultural policies unleashed by India in Manipur, said the statement and added that it is the responsibility of all to revive the economic foundation of the people, revive the past culture and tradition, revive the forgotten script and take up certain programmes to drive back the migrants.

The migrants pose a more dangerous threat to the people than the Indian security force as the latter would leave once the matter is resolved, while the migrants will stay here permanently, reasoned the outfit.

Forcing them to leave is not an acceptable universally, said KYKL and stressed on the importance of taking up certain policies and programmes.

Pointing out the ills in the social system of India, KYKL said that for thousands of years, the Dalits have been treated as untouchables by the upper caste Hindus.