AMUCO readies for 9th Integrity Day
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, Jul 27: The All Manipur United Clubs' Organisation is ready to observe the 9th Manipur Integrity Day on August 4 at four venues, MDU Hall at Imphal, Jiribam, Moirang and Yairipok Singa.

Appealing to all the clubs and meira paibi lups to attend the function, AMUCO in a statement recalled that the Integrity Rally held on August 4, 1997 was not only about protecting the territory of Manipur but was also about promoting communal harmony with the belief and all should live together in communal amity.

The boundary will be automatically protected once the people co-exist peacefully, said AMUCO and added that the people will also be able to unitedly face any atrocities committed on them.

Pointedly accusing India of sowing the seeds of communal distrust, AMUCO said that for the last 50 years India has been destroying all issues which can be of common interest to the people.

For the last 50 years India has been sowing the seeds of communal distrust between the hill and valley people and spreading canards that the hill people cannot have a future with the valley people.

The Naga-Kuki clash of the 90s was followed by the Kuki-Paite clash, recalled AMUCO and added that now the agenda is to let the hill people view the valley people as their common enemy.

India is also instrumental in pursuing the agenda of one community, one armed group/one ethnic group, one party, each pursuing their own separate goals, charged AMUCO.

Such is the ploy that not a single common issue has been pursued unitedly, observed AMUCO and added that designs were hatched not to let some communities take part in the mass uprising against the imposition of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

Sounding a word of caution, AMUCO said that the issues such as culture, language and script may chart out the political map of the people and added that given the situation, it would be in the fitness of things for all the people to tackle all issues collectively.

Pursuing only one's goal an agenda can sow more seeds of social divide, it observed.

Taking the present situation into consideration, the call of the people should be First Integrity, Next Struggle, advocated AMUCO.

The separate aspirations and goals pursued by each community does not serve the common interest of the land, said the statement and added that self interest should not over ride common interest.

Unity and integrity can be achieved only when each one us take up steps to defeat the agenda that has been hoisted on the people.

The question of leadership should be set aside and instead it should be about collectively moving ahead.

Dividing Manipur will not serve the interest of anyone, said AMUCO and maintained no sons of the soil would to see land dismembered.

It will be wrong to support the agenda of India, added the statement.

Since 1993 AMUCO has been relentlessly working for peaceful co-existence said the statement and appealed to all section of society to extend their co-operation to such an endeavour.