KYKL refutes, shares thoughts on influx-I
Killing of migrant workers

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 27: Reiterating its earlier stand that it was not involved in the killing of 15 migrant workers recently, the KYKL today said that though the action of killing the migrant workers is wrong, there is the need to drive back the migrant workers and gave a detailed reason why this is so.

In a statement issued to the press today, the outfit said that it was constrained to come out with a second statement to rubbish the claims of the DGP that the KYKL was behind the killings of the migrant workers with all the details as well to expose the lie.

Without beating around the bush, the outfit said that the charges of the DGP and the CM amounted to nothing less than finding a means to claim that their earlier suspicion that the KYKL was behind the killings has been proved true.

The outfit asserted that Sarangthem Sanjoy and Elangbam Dutta were not armed cadres of the outfit.

They were sympathisers, it admitted and explained that there is a whole lot of differences between cadres and sympathisers and claimed that KYKL is fortunate to have sympathisers not only in Manipur but also outside the State as well as from a cross section of people which may include policemen, Ministers etc.

The two, who the police have accused of being involved in the killing, were picked up a huge posse of policemen on March 18 at about 2 pm from the house of Hiyanglam Jilla Parishad member O Mainu, claimed KYKL and added that they were engaged in the construction of a house when they were picked up.

The two were picked up in the presence of numerous people and the charges levelled by the DGP that they were killed in an encounter is ample proof to what length the police can go to fabricate stories and throw their weight around.

For the KYKL, the whole episode can be said to be fortunate, for it has exposed the Chief Minister and the DGP before the eyes of the public, claimed the outfit and added that this has happened because in their blind attempt to please their bosses at Delhi, they had picked up one organisation to level the charges.

If the two were really involved in the killing of the migrant workers then what stopped the police from producing them before the people alive, countered the outfit.

They were arrested before the eyes of the public and they ought to have been produced before the public alive.

The fact that they were killed in custody is enough proof that they were not involved in the killing of the migrant workers, argued KYKL.

On the reported confirmation of the identities of the two slain persons by the van driver, the KYKL countered why the two were not produced before the driver while alive.

Can the word of someone who is in police custody to be believed ? The outfit then said that if the Chief Minister and the DGP were in their custody, they too could have made them 'confess' that they (CM and DG) were behind the killings.

The two were killed in the desperate attempt of the police to dub someone as the killers of the migrant workers, said KYKL and added that with the help of some informers, the police were on the look out for any KYKL member, sympathiser or any kin of KYKL members.

The claim that a gun was recovered from them makes the claim of the police more hollow.

It has become customary for the police to arrest any suspect and to kill them after capture and later placing a gun to claim that so and so was killed in an encounter, said the outfit and added that if only the number of the gun seized from site of the incident is given would it make their claims more credible.

On the killings of the migrant workers, KYKL said that in the present context of Manipur, it is a wrong policy to kill migrant workers.

Taking note of the message found on the back of some of the killed migrants, it is clear that the motive of the killers was to drive back the migrant workers, reasoned KYKL.

Recalling the past, KYKL said that the first movement to drive back all outsiders was launched by the AMSU and AMSCOC sometime in 1980.The recent killing is the second time that voices have been raised against the intrusion of outsiders into the State, said the outfit and added that the similarities end here.

The first instance was a non-violent movement launched by students aimed at driving out people coming from outside the boundary of Manipur while the second campaign is to drive out migrant workers coming from other parts of India, particularly North India by killing them, said the outfit.

The tactics adopted to kill the migrant workers was anti-human, said KYKL and added that it is precisely because of this that they oppose such tactics.

However the ultimate ends of the killers was justified, it claimed and added that KYKL would support any move to drive out all migrants provided the means employed is right.

Declaring that protecting the identity of one's people and community is a world wide phenomenon, the outfit said that the upheaval witnessed in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Cyprus, Palestine, Rwanda-Burundi, Congo, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Canada (Quebec), Spain (Basque), Belgium, is all about the question of protecting one's identity.

The drive taken up in Iceland to stop using the English language is nothing but an attempt to save their identity, said KYKL and added Russia has also adopted a policy where every hoardings should carry the Russian words twice the size of the words written in English.

In India, the anti-North Indian movement launched by Raj Thackeray in Maharastra as well as the earlier movement launched by the Shiv Sena in Maharastra are examples of the need to protect the identity of the Marathi people.

Likewise, Sikkim Government has passed a Bill which stipulates that during any recruitment drive in the Govt or private companies, 95 percent should be reserved for the Sikkimese, making Marathi compulsory upto class X in Maharastra, substitution English with Tamil in all the Courts of Tamil Nadu, making Kannada compulsory in Karnataka to protect the identities of the local people, asserted KYKL.

Hence it is important that the indigenous people of Manipur take steps to stop the increasing inflow of migrants into the State.

Today in Manipur, while the population of the indigenous people is 18 lakhs, the population of the migrants have increased to 7 lakhs, claimed the statement.

With the population increasing at a fast pace in North India, the over flowing population have started looking for alternative source of livelihood and as the birth rate has somewhat receded in South India, many North Indians had started going to these places.

Such human movement had given rise to tension in South India, said KYKL.

If this is the reality elsewhere, what would be the fate of Manipur if steps are taken up to discourage the migrants from coming here, questioned the outfit and stressed that the incoming human population should be stopped.