Unborn child suffers terror wrath
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, Aug 22: The child was still inside the womb of her mother but the terror blast that bloodied the Mani Mandir of ISKCON on August 16 made sure that the yet to be born child suffered splinter injury too.

Fortunately the splinter was removed at RIMS today successfully.

According to family members, the mother, Hodam ongbi Kalpna wife of Lalit was injured in the bomb blast at ISKCON.

However since the injury appeared to be minor it was not taken that seriously, they said.

The 7 month old pregnant Kalpna however developed some complicacy today and she was admitted to Leirik Memorial Hospital.

After some time she gave birth to a girl child.

An injury mark was detected on the upper portion of the right calf soon after the birth, said family members.

It was later confirmed that there was a bomb splinter on the leg of the child.

Thereafter the child was referred to RIMS hospital where an emergency operation was conducted.

After the operation the child was taken back home to be with her mother, who was earlier discharged from Leirik Memorial Hospital, said family members.

However as the condition of the child deteriorated at home, she was rushed to a private clinic.

As there was no provision at the private clinic the child was again admitted to RIMS later in the evening, said family members.

At the moment the child is recuperating at the Children Ward of RIMS and special treatment is underway.