40-minute session, wonderful: O Joy
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, July 13 2010: Expressing surprise over the passing of five budgetary demands within 40 minutes without discussion, MPP legislature wing leader O Joy who has been boycotting the Assembly sitting today said that the event could be included in the Guinness Book of World Records as it would be the first ever in the history of any parliament in the world.

In an interaction with reporters at the MPP office, O Joy also reiterated that he would not take part in the Assembly sitting until the matter of resignation tendered by seven MLAs is settled by the Speaker.

O Joy had walked out of the Assembly on July 8 last saying that he would not take part in the sitting of the Assembly showing dissatisfied with the reply of Speaker, S Budhichandra regarding his "point of order" on the delay in taking final decision to the matter of seven MLAs' resignation from the membership of the state assembly.

Today, he said that the sitting of the Assembly which lasted only 40 minutes and passed five demands for grant related with budget estimate would be the first ever in the history of world.

Such thing never happened in the history of Parliament anywhere.

The very session itself is worthy of entering the Guinness Book of World Records, he lamented.

He further observed that the MLAs had submitted their resignations papers around two month back and it is a wonderful thing when the Speaker said he is still examining the matter.

Further delay in the matter will amount to betray of martyrs of June 18 Uprising, he observed saying that the matter of the resignation tendered by seven MLAs closely related with the integrity of the state is neither accepted nor rejected till date by the Speaker.

The Assembly had unanimously resolved to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur but unable to take final decision on the position of the seven MLAs who supported to those people who wanted to disintegrate the integrity of the state will not be taken lightly by the people, O Joy observed.

While saying this he also recalled the basic ground for MLAs tendering resignations were nothing but against the decision of state government banning general secretary of NSCN (IM), Th Muivah, who is attempting to disintegrate the territory of Manipur.

Further delay in making the final decision in this regard will amount to loss of faith of the people to the Assembly.

Until and unless, the final decision is taken, he will not take part in the sitting, he reaffirmed his decision.

"I respect the word of Chief Minister and Ministers to me with regard to my decision," he said adding that he has asked other legislatures of the party to take part in the sittings.