Kidnap accused pleads not guilty
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 11: AAfter escaping from the custody of KNF (P) where he was held in captivity for his alleged involvement in the abduction of two children for ransom from Senapati district, Heisnam Sova (35) s/o late Heisnam Raghumani of Tolthang village has clarified that he has no connection with the abduction of the two kids whose whereabouts have not been known since December 14. Talking to mediapersons somewhere in Imphal West District today, Sova informed that he was picked up by around 20 cadres of KNF (P) from his house in December last year.

Sova said he was held captive at a hideout of the outfit located in Haipi village.

He was subjected to intense interrogation, but he had made it clear that he was not involved with the kidnapping of the two kids nor has any idea about who are involved in it.

Sova said his captors asked him whether he knew Boboi of Saikul who is a member of KRA, Boboi’s brother Haopu, Amujao, John and Johnny, all from Sekmai to which he replied that he knew only Haopu and John and not the rest.

Sova further said that finally his captors told him that all the five persons have been taken into the custody of KNF (P) and the outfit knew that he was not involved in the case.

However, he should tell other people that all the other five persons are involved in the kidnapping otherwise he would be killed.

While informing that he was tortured in the custody of KNF (P), Sova said when he requested to meet the other five persons who were supposedly in the custody of the outfit, he was not allowed to meet them, so he does not have any idea whether the said five persons are being held captive or not.

While in the custody of the outfit, Sova said he had been waiting for the chance to tell the truth to the people.

But he never got such opportunities as the KNF (P) cadres always kept strict vigil over him.

But after keeping him in captivity for one month, on February 6 at around 2.30 am, all his captors ran away from the hideout on hearing that a large number of security personnel were approaching their camp.

“Taking advantage of the situation, I sneaked out and escaped from the camp,” he recalled.

Sova said he is ready to reveal everything that he had learnt about the case during his captivity if any of the ‘truth seeking organisations’ want to know and give him the chance.

“But I am innocent and not involved in the kidnapping of Hriini Hubert and Moheni Martin for ransom,” Sova declared.