NSCN-IM's influence has penetrated Assembly: Joy
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, July 10 2010: NSCN-IM's influence has penetrated Manipur Legislative Assembly.

If the Assembly keeps supporting the seven Naga MLAs, who had been sent by the NSCN-IM to speak against Manipur's territorial integrity as a mission, the Governor of Manipur would be approached, court's help would be sought and if necessary, even the seat of MLA would be abdicated, announced leader of MPP Legislature Wing, O Joy.

Making the announcement at a press conference held at the office of MPP today, MLA O Joy said that the ongoing session of the Manipur Legislative Assebly is very important.

But discussing the issue of attempts to break Manipur's territory is more important than discussion on roads and bridges.

Former Lok Sabha MP Manicharenamei had spoken against Manipur's territorial integrity in the Parliament, MLA Joy recalled adding that the seven Naga MLAs had also submitted memorandum to the Prime Minister saying that they wanted the Naga inhabited areas to be integrated with Nagaland.

When the issue was discussed in the House, the Manipur Assembly had protected them then, Joy said.

He said, when the Government and the people of Manipur had banned NSCN-IM's General Secretary Th Muivah from making attempts to enter Manipur, the seven Naga MLAs had gone to Delhi and announced before the national media that they would resign from being MLAs.

Then they faxed their resignation letters to the Assembly Speaker Dr S Budhichandra.

As the fax messages were not acceptable, the Naga MLAs personally appeared before the Speaker and gave him their resignation letters.

O Joy told mediapersons that under Article 190 of Indian Constitution, if an MLA says that he resigns, nobody can stop him.

If it is found that the MLA genuinely and voluntarily wants to resign, the request for resignation may be accepted immediately.

This is given in Rule 315, the senior MPP leader pointed out.

He asked why the Speaker has been keeping the issue pending for three months.

No report on the sensitive issue has been placed on the floor of the House.

The MLA took strong exception to the reply of the Speaker that the matter is still under observation.

It has been more than 90 days since the seven MLAs had submitted their resignation papers, but the Speaker has not taken a decision so far.

As long as the seven MLAs who spew venom to break Manipur's territory, he would not take part in the Assembly session, he categorically said.

The MLAs of the party will hold a meeting and chalk out floor strategy, he said.