Child kidnapping irks KNO
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 09: Kuki National Organisation (KNO) has come out strongly against the kidnapping of children by militant groups inspite of public outcry.

In a statement, publicity secretary of the outfit Lenin H Kuki said today in Manipur in the name of people's movement anti-revolutionary forces have adopted anti-people strategies which have been amply manifested in the case of Heirok and Chajing revolt and the prevailing fear psychosis over missing children.

Unfortunately, these anti-revolutionary forces in collaboration with their mentors have started snatching underaged Kukis to join their parties which professed ideology totally opposed to the interests of the Kukis.

The abduction of Kuki youths to train them as cadres for the Kangleipak independence movement reflects the sheer desperation of the militants, Lenin said, adding that no Kuki would want to be a part of a movement that is against his/her own people.

The abductions are yet another means of involving Kukis to give Kangleipak the facade of being a multi-cultural movement after the distribution of food grains, handing out money to the poor village folks in order to buy support have failed, Lenin alleged.

It is this sort of manipulative tactics that has irreparably destroyed any possibility of trust building measures between the hill and the valley people, Lenin said.

The adoption of such steps and policy is not only anti-revolutionary, but also against the existing international laws and Kuki customary laws in relation to war and crimes, Lenin noted while appealing to all the civil organisations to give a befitting reply against those secretly engaged in human trafficking for the sake of human rights and dignity in Manipur.