Delhi's reprieve for State Govt
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, Sep 06: Ruling out the possibility of crossing their respective jurisdiction by the State Education Boards concerned, the Central Government has given enough indication that the syllabus and text books of Nagaland Board cannot be prescribed in the schools of Manipur, according to a reliable source.

According to the source from New Delhi, Chief Minister of Manipur O Ibobi Singh called on Union Human Resource Minister Arjun Singh last evening and conveyed the stand of the Manipur Government to the demand for affiliation of schools in the hill districts of Manipur with Nagaland Board of Secondary Education (NBSE).

Chief Secretary of Manipur Jarnail Singh was also present during the meeting which took place at the office cum residence of the Union Minister at around 7.15 pm yesterday.

During the course of the meeting, Ibobi submitted a representation to the Union Minister laying down very lucidly the stand of his Government to the demand being raised for introducing the text books and syllabus of Nagaland Board in the hill schools of Manipur.

The representation also made it clear that the syllabus of the Manipur Board does not impose Meetei Mayek on any community.

On his part, the Union Minister assured that Education being a State subject, the Centre cannot interfere in the matter.

The Union Minister further noted that allowing adoption of the syllabus of Nagaland Board in Manipur might also have serious repercussions in other States of the country as well.

After the meeting with Arjun Singh, Ibobi also called on Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil to discuss the matter, the source disclosed.