AMUCO opposes Muivah visit
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 03 2010: The All Manipur United Clubs' Organisation (AMUCO) while reiterating its firm stand on the protection of territorial integrity of the state today said that if NSCN(IM) leader Th Muivah's visit was simply to visit his native village for offering prayer to his forefather, the body might not have no reaction.

A statement of the AMUCO signed by its publicity secretary, NC Modhuchandra dispatched to the media houses observed that if Muivah was to visit his native home to pay homage to his forefather, there would have no so much problem or reaction against his visit.

But, as his visit is intended to spew venom to break the integrity of the state which has been existing for more than 2000 year and as part of his plan to disintegrate the unity of the state, AMUCO is against his visit, it announced.

Manipur has been a country having its own definite boundary for long period of time.

In due course of time, when the British invaded Manipur, the boundary of the state had been cut down.

Since the merger with India, the size of the state had also been reduced.

Despite its small, Manipuris are trying their best to develop and compete with other places of the globe with the only 22,327 square kilometer.

During the British rule also, they tried their best to suppress the Manipuris on the pretext of giving disturbances in the relationship between the British colonel countries of South East Asia and the British Emperor.

In the same manner, India government is trying to make its trade route to South East Asia taking advantage of the changing trade scenario of the world.

If succeed, they are trying to eliminate the state by reducing the area to only around 6000 square kilometer by slicing out 16,000 square kilometer (70 %) area.

This means eliminating Manipuris from the soil of the globe for forever.

In this crucial juncture, all sections of people settling together in the state should take care of those persons in lead role and organizations inciting in the effort to eliminate the state.

It has been long that government of India is trying to break the integrity of the state at many occasions openly or secretly.

Since 1997, people of the state are confronting with all efforts to disintegrate Manipur.

AMUCO has firm stand on challenging all efforts to disintegrate the state with the people of all sections who stand united for the integrity of the state.

In the backdrop of peace talk to end insurgency movement in the region, India government is trying disintegrate the unity of the people in the region.

In the name of cease fire trust, Central security forces are taking rest and sending out the group under cease fire free hands to terrorize people, in carrying out extortion.

Government of India should not allow giving disturbances to the lifeline of people of the state.

Cease fire cannot be extended to Manipur.

They should not allow group under cease fire to do whatever they want in the state, the statement urged reminding that people of Manipur are getting ready for another June 18 Uprising.