State BJP furious with Jaya Jaitley remarks
Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, February 03: The state unit of the BJP, taking umbrage at Samata Party leader Jaya Jaitley's tirade against the BJP as reported in a section of the local media, has said her statements amounted to admitting that the Samata Party, which is an important arm of the ruling NDA, does not know what the other arm is doing.

The BJP, in a statement released to the press, said that if her grievances against the BJP were true, they should have taken up at the highest levels of the NDA and resolved in a befitting manner.

'Nothing of the kind is visible till today.

The fact that the NDA is still intact only contradicts Ms Jaitley's election rhetoric, the statement said.

It further added that her charge regarding the blockade of funds released by the Union finance ministry for the welfare of Manipur would have had some credibility if she and added that the Union home minister is not constitutionally empowered to block any fund meant for the development of a state unless there is reliable report of the funds being misutilized or reaching the wrong hands.