RPF says no to child soldiers
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 27: Asserting that the RPF is against recruiting child soldiers, the outfit in a statement today said that it has its own policy of not recruiting anyone under the age of 16 and added that even this is done after deeply studying the mental make up of the individual.

Referring the present uproar against recruiting child soldiers, the outfit said that the point that some organisations may have kidnapped or bought children to be brought up as child soldiers cannot be ruled out altogether.

Such recruitment is anti-revolutionary said the outfit and added that it condemns such activities.

According to the principle of the RPF there is no question of recruiting kidnapped or bought children as child soldiers.

It is for this every reason that the Coordinator of to Stop the Use of Children Soldiers (PO Box 22696, London N4 3ZJ, UK) had commended the stand of the RPF by writing to the President of the outfit which read as "I greatly appreciate your response and will ensure that it is reflected in our forthcoming submission to the UN Security Council under 1379" dated June 6, 2002, recalled the statement.

RPF also appealed to the people not to spread rumours and added to the fear psychosis of the people.

The rumour that some schools had received telephone calls to 'gift' them children as well as putting up posters on the school's wall are nothing but spread by self seeking elements, said RPF.

The outfit further said that the trend of child trafficking to be sold somewhere else must be checked and urged the public to co-operate to bust the racket.