Sharmila speaks out against child soldiers
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 25: Speaking out against the current trend of kidnapping young children and recruiting them as child soldiers by some militant groups, human rights defender Irom Chanu Sharmila, who has been on a fast for more than 7 years now demanding removal of AFPSA from Manipur, has categorically stated that jeopardising the career of young and innocent children is simply too much.

Talking to media persons today at the security ward of JN Hospital where she has been nosefed all these years, Sharmila said that even if she does not know the ideology and the principles of the underground organisations supposedly waging war for independdence of Manipur as she herself is not a UG cadre, nonetheless, she questioned why some UG groups should recruit young and immature children as child soldiers who should otherwise be playing on the lap of their doting mothers.

It is shocking to hear that a UG group is recruiting , children to become child soldiers, she said further.

Expressing her observaation on the prevailing law and order situation in the State, Sharmila said it is as good as non-existent of a Government in place with security personnel killing innocent people without any restraint and blatant violation of the rights of the people.

In such a critical situation, those who are at the helm of the power should not remain indifferent to the problems being faced by the common people, she said, while Questioning the rationale behind allowing her to live on by the Govt spending a huge amount on nose-feeding her in the face of unceasing human rights violation.