We're waiting for the right moment to strike: NSCN-IM
Outfit refutes involvement in Kangpokpi bridge blast

Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Dimapur, May 20 2010: The NSCN-IM has affirmed that the rebel group is waiting for the right moment to strike (against Manipur and Meeteis), and warned the people of Manipur and the media not to pull it in beforehand.

The "Naga Army" of the NSCN-IM has refuted to the reports where one of its cadres named was linked to the May 18 incident of a blast at the Kangpokpi bridge.

"Colonel" Levi Zimik of the NSCN-IM's military spokesman clarified that the outfit was not involved in the incident.

"The name of NSCN has been wrongly implicated in the bomb blast along the NH-39, it is hereby clarified that there is no cadre enrolled in the Naga Army by the name Doni Anal .

Moreover, it is further clarified for the information of all concerned that NSCN was not involved in the juvenile attempt to blow off the bridge along the highway.

It can possibly be a handiwork of some untrained volunteers rebelling against the tyranny of Ibobi government.

Therefore, media persons are reminded not to relate us by guesswork unless we own responsibility or facts well established otherwise," Levi Zimik said.

The NSCN-IM military spokesman said that as far as the scenario in Manipur is concerned, Ibobi Singh's government is responsible for all the ills that ail Manipur today.

"Nobody can deny the fact that the cabinet decision of Ibobi led government itself triggered bloodshed and turmoil and ironically not by the willingness of Th Muivah to visit his own home, as they dreadfully presumed.

The struggle till now, as has been demonstrated, is purely people's will against the oppressed forces of the state.

We have been keenly observing and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Do not pull us in beforehand," Levi Zimik said.