Few people creating problems : Dorendro
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 19 2010: Former Chief Minister and also Chairman of the Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress RK Dorendro today said that no Naga in Manipur wanted to leave the state, tense situation in the state, arising out of Muivah's proposed visit, is the creation of few people who are under the barrel of gun.

Speaking at the opening of the election office of Trinamool Congress candidate, Jampao Haokip, in the forthcoming ADC election in 21-Chingdai Khullen constituency of Sadar Hill District Council, the former Chief Minister asserted that only few people created the problem of Muivah's planned to enter Manipur.

No Naga in Manipur wanted to leave the state.

They have done it out of fear of gun.

It's an impossible mission.

It will be better leaving it.

Continuation of the arousal situation further is the handy work to create communal tension among different communities, Dorendro cautioned.

He also urged to withdraw the economic blockade with immediate effect.

Many patriots armed with guns are mushrooming up in the state.

There is outnumbered community based patriots.

Owing to their excessive, people are suffering a lot unnecessarily.

Time has arrived people seeking a way to relief from this woes, he called for.

After 23 years of gap, government has final decided to conduct elections to the ADCs in hill districts of the state so as to take up developmental works from the grass root level, Dorendro said and observed that it will not be a right decision to give obstructions in the election.

Calling for conduct of free and fair election so that people could get democratic right fully leaving behind the ideology of forcing the voters casting vote under the barrel of guns, Dorendro condemned the act of threatening the candidates of other political parties other than Congress not to contest in the election.

Lien Gangte, general secretary of MPTC appealed the people of Kuki tribes not to habit of work culture and co-operate the party in participating in the developmental activities of the villages at the grass root level reminding that the party has its leaders as ministers at the Centre.

Working president of the party, M Tombi convinced the people on benefits of ADC constituted by the elected people stating that it is for the people participation in taking developmental works at the village level.

The candidate, Jampao said that he is contesting the election as part of his effort to deliver the people democratic rights and takes part directly in the developmental works at the grass root level.

The election office opening cum flag hoisting function of the Jampao Haokip was also attended by various leaders of the Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress.