DPP to revolutionize state politics: Chief
Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, January 15: The newly appointed working president of the Democratic Peopleís Party, DPP, social worker turned politician Udoy Thongam has said that his party was trying to bring a political revolution in Manipur by changing the mentality of perpetual dependence on the centre.

Addressing mediapersons at his first press conference today, Thongam said that ever since the merger of Manipur into the Indian union, the prevailing mentality among the politicians in the state was run the state by perpetually seeking doles from the Centre.

No thought was ever given to self-reliance, he said asserting that this was the reason behind the many problems the state was now facing.

Charging that the politicians who were supposed to be the peopleís representatives had time and again sold out the state as well as the public, Thongam said it was high time for the public to teach the political class a lesson.

Thongam also observed that the true face of Manipurís politicians and bureaucrats has again been uncovered in the ongoing controversy over whether the resolutions adopted by the state Assembly for safeguarding the territorial integrity of Manipur were forwarded to the Central government or not.

Disclosing that a second list of candidates of the party to contest the forthcoming elections would be released soon, he said the DPP expected to win at least 15 seats.