MPP demands resignation of Chidambaram
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 05 2010: Manipur People's Party today demanded resignation of P Chidambaram on moral ground taking responsibility of the conflicting situation arising of proposed entry of Muivah to Manipur.

Leaders of the party also demanded that if Muivah happened to enter the state against government ban on him, he should be arrested and trial under the law of the state.

The party has sent memoranda to the Prime Minister and Home Minister expressing party stand with regard to the objection to the entry of Th Muivah terming him as person masterminding to disintegrate Manipur and seeking resignation of the Chidambaram as Union Home minister, MPP president, Dr Nimaichand Luwang said.

Working Committee of the party was held today and resolved various decisions regarding the conflicting situation arising out of the proposed visit of Th Muivah, said MPP president told reporters at a press conference held at its office today.

The resolution drafted in the meeting has been sent in the form of memorandum to the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh and Home Minister, P Chidambaram, said Nimaichand adding that further meeting to discuss on the prevailing conflicting situation in the state arising out of proposed entry of the Th Muivah in the state.

The meeting drafted four point resolutions.

Among others, it includes opposing the entry of Muivah, the mastermind of disintegration Manipur territory with the apprehension that it would create communal tension in the state.

Union ministry's decision to allow Muivah in entering the state is considered to be an immature one, MPP took and the other resolution condemning the decision of the ministry stated and demanded resignation of P Chidambaram as union home minister, he said.

The act of arson of state trucks by miscreants apparently link with Naga Students' Federation (NSF) is acts of uncivilized people.

It amount to cut the relationship between the states.

Centre should instruct the Nagaland government to arrest and book the culprits behind the arson, he demanded.

He also reacting to the expression of Naga independence MLA welcoming to Muivah's visit and calling leaders at New Delhi, he said it was not the act which would be done as MLA of a legislative Assembly.

State Assembly should take up appropriate action against them recalling the apology offered by some members of the Assembly to the house with regard to their deed against the state interest.

The decision of the state government regarding banning of entry of Muivah needed supports of the political parties and NGOs.

Government should call an all political party meeting and a special session of the Assembly as well, MPP leaders taking part in the press briefing insisted.

Leader of the MPP Legislature Wing, O Joy said that Union home ministry's decision to allow Muivah enters state despite knowing that he is a criminal is an imperfect decision of the centre.

It seems Prime Minister has not given any advice.

Chidambaram is not perfect to be a home minister.

All responsibility for burning down of state vehicle in Nagaland should be the sole responsibility of the Centre, he went on to say.

MLA RK Anand observed the demand of NSCN (IM) is a dream which never come true.

Their objective will create a big ethnic problem in the region.

Muivah who is the leader of the outfit acted an ethnic cleansing drive against the Kuki and killed several people leaving no children is a criminal.

He is a man who sucked blood from the people of the state by way of extortion is leading a luxury life in the foreign countries.

How he can be allowed to enter Manipur as his ugly communal agendas are well to all, he asked.