Many flay Centre's decision on Muivah visit to Manipur
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 04 2010: Blaming the Indian government for creating chaotic situation in Manipur by giving permission to the Th Muivah's visit in the state and extending support to the Manipur government stand on preventing him from entering the state were pouring in.

Meanwhile, the United Committee Manipur while submitting a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India today urged him to withdraw support to Muivah's entry into Manipur cautioned that any untoward violent incident arising out of provocative act of the Muivah will be the sole responsibility of the Union government.

The memorandum to the PM which also forwarded to Union Home Minister, P Chidambaram, chairperson of the UPA Sonia Gandhi, state Governor Gurbachand Jagat and Chief Minister, O Ibobi reminded the incident of June Uprising of 2001 when the Centre agreed to the extension of cease fire with the NSCN(IM) beyond territorial limits of Nagaland.

Government of India had been responsible for the incident resulted out of extension of the cease fire in the state, the memorandum signed by the president of the UCM, Yumnamcha Dilipkumar said putting down that the crisis that generated through government of India's "appeasement policy" towards the NSCN had not yet been erased inspite of establishment of the United Progressive Alliance at the Centre and the communal tension which is likely to be whipped up by the proposed entry of Muivah, general secretary of the NSCN(IM) at his home village at Somdal of Ukhrul district.

The proposed entry may again re-produce the crisis that engulfed Manipur in the summer 2001, the UCM threw the attention of the PM and reiterated the idea of peaceful co-existence amidst the ethnic communities of Manipur and would not objected to the homecoming of a peaceful citizen of the state of Manipur.

But Muivah' political intentions are already very clear to the public of state and his presence would incite another incident of ethnic tension in the state, it said suggesting that this can be prevented by wise counsel from the government of India to Muivah. Another statement of the UCM, the apex body of civil society organisations committed to the protection of territorial integrity of Manipur and the peaceful co-existence of the ethnic of the state charged the Centre for indulging in communal clash in the North East particularly in the state of Manipur only to plea the NSCN (IM).

The Threatened Indigenous Peoples' Society (TIPS), Manipur also criticized the government of India for its double standard political conspiracy towards the people of the North East particularly in Manipur by spewing venoms to cut the brotherhood relationship among the different communities like Naga, Kuki, Meetei, Meetei Pangan.

The long practice hidden political conspiracy of the Centre is clearer day by day, the statement of TIPS expressing suspicion of having a hidden political agenda to the sending of Muivah to Manipur.

The moves of the Centre which Manipur government stand against is also part of the political conspiracy and divide and rule policy of the government of India.

At this crucial juncture, people of all sections of the society should understand the motive of the Centre and help in building up a common platform of all communities residing in the North East Region of the country.

The International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA), Policy and Oranisation Research Associates, Manipur (PORAM), Youth Front and many others civil organisation flayed the Centre for its hidden agenda behind giving permission to Muivah visit in the state.

IPSA while supporting to the state government decision to prevent Muivah's entry in the state said that state government has taken a right decision as the motive behind the visit is very clear to the people of the state.

Only few organizations brought out from the pocket of the NSCN (IM) and spreading communal propaganda to the hill people.

It would be better for these organisations to stop such misleading propaganda which would tense up communal instincts.

The Youth Front in a statement urged the people not to trap in the hidden policy of the Congress government at the Centre when brotherhood loves among the different communities was slowly returned in the state.