KYKL comes back to haunt Chaoba, again
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 31: The proscribed KYKL has once again come back to haunt State BJP president Th Chaoba and warned that all functionaries and workers of BJP should resign from the party or else face the death sentence.

Reiterating its stand against Th Chaoba, the outfit in a statement today said that vice president of the State BJP Dr Naorem Tombi was targeted by the KYKL cadres yesterday evening at about 8.30.Through providence Dr Naorem escaped death, but the penalty against him still stands, said KYKL and explained that the attack was carried out as he had not heeded the warning to cut off all ties with Th Chaoba.

In a no nonsense tone, KYKL said that its special operation team, divisional administrative officers, commanders of all the Lalhaba Tengols have been instructed to shoot to kill any supporters of the BJP.

The outfit has put a complete ban on all flag hoisting ceremony, party meeting, campaigning for vote of the BJP with immediate effect and added that anyone found violating this would be awarded the capital punishment.

It was on January 29 this year, that the KYKL had set March 15 as the deadline to the BJP to either expel Chaoba from the party or else face the music, recalled the statement.

Now KYKL is constrained to attack anyone associated with Th Chaoba, said the statement and added that those who are willing to die for Chaoba may continue to sup with him.

Anyone wishing to severe ties with Chaoba should announce so through the State newspapers, stipulated the outfit.

KYKL made it clear that no compromise has been worked out Th Chaoba and added that KYKL is a not party to barter away its principle.