AZSU bats for BRO over NH-53 issue
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 27 2010: Citing a number of factors, the All Zeliangrong Students' Union (AZSU) has raised strong objection to the Cabinet decision to take over the maintenance and development work of NH-53 from BRO/BRTF to be replaced by the State PWD.

A press release issued by the student body, while comparing the operational style and working system of PWD and BRO, questioned the efficiency and capacity of PWD to maintain Imphal-Jiribam highway.

Unlike BRO, the PWD has no labour camping system nor monthly salary/muster roll payment system for labourers.

Labourers working under BRO, who are mainly Biharis, can survive on roti, superfine rice and dal whereas local labourers can hardly do with such sparse meal.

BRO also engage local labourers on 50:50 basis, thereby providing casual employment to those people living along the highway but under local contractors working for PWD there is no such recruitment system.

Moreover, the BRO has a healthy work culture, it said.

BRO can repair broken down machines or equipment within 24 hours whereas PWD contractors could not repair their broken down machinery in a year.

Further highlighting the shortcomings of PWD as compared to the BRO, the AZSU listed many some roads under BRO which are allegedly in utter shambles.

Khongsang-Tamenglong Road, TamenglongHaflong Road via Tousem, Old Cachar Road from Bishnupur to Rengpang via Khoupum Valley, IT Road, Tamei-Konphung Road and Kaiphundai-Tousem Road are some of the roads under PWD which are all in dilapidated conditions with all the signs of being not maintained properly over the years.

Most of these roads are not fit for vehicular movement during rainy season, asserted the AZSU.

There are 100 such roads, IVRs in the State maintained by PWD which are not fit for vehicular traffic during rainy season.

Maintaining that the protracted Capitol Project which is still far from complete and the BT Flyover which took more than four years were all testimonies of PWD's inefficiency, it asked "How can they (PWD) maintain such a lengthy highway?".

The AZSU also conveyed gratitude to leaders of Naga Students' Federation who visited Tamenglong district for a wide ranging discussion and interactions on the Naga national issues with church leaders, public leaders and student community at Tamenglong district Hqs on July 24.It further appealed to all Zeliangrong people to participate in the Zeliangrong public convention scheduled to be held at Peren district Hqs, Nagaland.