UCM reviews call for 'public emergency'
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 20 2010: The United Committee Manipur today said that they had reviewed the declaration of "Public Emergency" if the Centre gives a clear cut assurance that Th Muivah will not be permitted to enter the state within May 20 .

As there is apprehension of wrong interpretation of the word "Emergency" by the people, UCM has decided to delete the word but they will go on with other forms of protest until the Central government give the assurance, said general secretary of the committee, W Seken speaking to reporters at its office at Lamphel.

Further speaking to the reporters, Seken said that the announcement made by the UCM to launch public emergency has apparently caused fear among the ethnic communities residing in the state.

There is also likelihood of interpreting the meaning in the other sense.

On thoroughly examining the possible outcome of the declaration of "public emergency", the committee decided not to use the word.

But, ongoing protest and other forms of agitations will go on with the support of the people, he announced.

When the government of India remained silent to the demand for giving an assurance that Centre will not give permission to Muivah to visit the state, UCM feels that there is some hidden agenda behind it.

In such situation, people residing in the hills should not think in other sense.

Instead, together with people of the valley, they should try to point out who are the real enemy of the people of the state.

UCM will start launching various forms of protest like carrying out of protest rallies, public meetings, interaction programme among community leaders and political leaders from May 21 which were announced earlier.

The announced programmes will be conducted across the state, both in hills and valley areas, from May 21 till May 31.On June 1, the future course of protest will be announced, Seken said.