'Muivah is banned in state'
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 16 2010: "Muivah should be banned entering the state in any cost" shouted the womenfolk of Mahabali Kabui Khun today while joining in carrying out sit-in demonstration which is continuing in various parts of the state in support of the government decision to ban entering Muivah in the state.

Sit-in demonstrations were staged at various parts of the state today apart from marching rallies shouting slogans charging Muivah of creating disharmony in the state in the name of peace for a community only.

Womenfolk taking out a rally against Th Muivah's visit to Manipur

Muivah intention is to create communal hatred among the people of the state to fulfill his dream of making Greater Nagaland, womenfolk taking part in a sit-in demonstration lamented.

The demonstrations were staged by the Mahabali Kabui Khun Meira Paibi Lup in association with the Brahmapur Nahabam Apunba at Mahabali Thumbu Thong.

At the concluding part a rally was also marched on the streets in the localities.

The rally covered Bamon Leikai, Wangkhei etc by shouting slogans like "Long live Manipur, We oppose any move to disintegrate Manipur, Muivah will not allow entering Manipur," etc.

The sit-in demonstrations were staged at Khurai Paragon Club, at Thangapat, Kwakeithel, Sagolband etc.