UNC's appeal for safe passage from Imphal to other parts
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Senapati, May 07 2010: The United Naga Council on Friday appealed to concerned organisations to allow 'safe and undisturb passage' from Imphal to other parts of Manipur.

The UNC statement signed by its general secretary, A.Ashohrii pointed out that a situation has been created by 'the communal Manipur State Government at Mao Gate on May 6, where the life and security of the Naga people is threatened by the very government that is duty bound to protect its citizen'.

"Taking a cue from the state government, the valley based mass organisations have imposed restriction on the mobility of the Naga population in Imphal and have prevented them from traveling to their respective villages" it said.

The UNC then asserted 'in view of this development the UNC is constrained to request to all the concerned valley based organizations to allow safe and undisturb passage from Imphal instead of confining them on the pretext of assuring safety to them'.