CM's statement rubbished
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 07: The statement given by Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh on the floor of the Assembly yesterday that arrest memo of Maibam Naobi Chanu had been given to Laishram Mema Devi, a member of Khangabok Gram Panchayat has been outrightly rejected by Mema herself today.

''When such a fabricated charge can be levelled against a responsible person like me, what charges could have been levelled against Naobi is understandable by the people'', an infuriated Mema said at a press conference here today.

Setting the record straight, 35 year old Mema wife of L Shamo of Khangabok Makha Leikai said she along with Naobi were at the house of Bikash after the funeral service of the latter on February 21 when some commandos, one of whom was in civvies entered and asked all of them to come out.

Having noticed that Naobi of Yairipok Leirongthem Pitra was not a local girl, the commandos began thrashing her with rifle butts as well as other family members of Bikash.

Before long, the commandos dumped Naobi inside a Gypsy and drove away.

On seeing the terrifying scene, she along with two other local girls hired one Van and rushed to Thoubal Police Station to enquire about the condition of Naobi.

The Police said the commandos handed her over to the police at 9 pm on the same night, Mema said, adding that they (she and the other girls) were asked to come the next day to meet Naobi if they desire.

However, on the following day, when she went to th Police Station, the police told here that Naobi had been taken away by the Commandos.

On February 23, she again went to the same police station where she also saw two family members of Naobi.

Some women police, on being insisted upon to meet Naobi, gave them a chance to see her for a while.

At around 9 am, the women police asked them to leave the police station saying that the commandos have come.

When they (Mema and two others) were about to move, one police officer and a woman police called her (Mema) from inside the window of the office of 2nd OC of the PS.

When she went inside, a paper on which some English words were written on it was given to her and asked to append her signature.

Since she did not know how to read English, she thought it was a paper meant for visiting Naobi and straightway endorsed her signature and the same was taken back by the police.

None of the police personnel mentioned anything about the paper and I returned home, Mema said.

'It was a big surprise for me when the Chief Minister informed the House that the arrest memo was given to me.

I am ready to serve in jail for saying boldly that I did not receive any arrest memo in connection with the arrest of Naobi', she said.